A message to Borderlands 2 players.

If you have the Xbox version of Borderlands 2 please read this post.  It’s an important message about something that’s happening to Borderlands 2 players when they play online.

I advise all Xbox Borderlands 2 players to avoid playing online with anyone, as there is a serious issue with the game known as “The Graveyard” virus.

Although not technically a “Virus” the way it spreads to other players is akin to that of a real life virus.  The virus activates a secret “Hardcore” mode, and while this allows for better loot drops and tougher enemies, it also erases your game save should you die. This might not seem bad, but trust me if you play online with someone who has this virus you’ll get it too. The worst thing is that you don’t even realise you’ve got it until its too late.

What I’ve done is simply set my game to “Offline” or “Private”.  This way it stops random people from joining my game, and giving me the GraveYard Virus.

However the servers for online play are still up and running, though if you want to play Multiplayer I advise that you play in split-screen or solo until Gearbox fixes the issue.

It seems PS3 users are unaffected by this, however I do advise caution still as this virus could appear on the PS3 version at any time.

Even if you play with trusted friends, anyone of them could have the GraveYard Virus.


PC and PS3 users seem to be unaffected, the virus was unleashed by people modifiying their saves to enable Hardcore mode. Although this seems like a targeted attack, since it’s only affect the Xbox version.   Please do not mod your save file, and do not trade modded items as this is another way that the virus can spread.

Thanks for reading. Once I have more information I will update this post.

“A patch was submitted to Microsoft to correct the issue last week, but there are still reports of Graveyard spreading. Gearbox community manager Chris Faylor recommends avoiding public games and playing only with trusted friends. Whenever you’re leaving an online game, it is recommended that you exit via “Save and Quit” in the menu options. If you DO happen to die in the game and suddenly find yourself kicked back to the main menu, immediately select Continue to get back into your game.” (Source: http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/729200/borderlands-2-graveyard-virus-is-serious-business/

So it seems like a patch is ready to go but Microsoft are being idiots. We pay for Xbox live and stuff like this is allowed to happen.

What do you think?


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