Why I’m afraid of walking around town at night.

You have have seen me on twitter talking about how terrified I was while waiting for the bus in town last night, and I want to talk about why I am so terrified.

Now before I continue, I am not afraid of the dark. Its more than that.

I live in Wythenshawe which is one of the worst places to live in the world, unemployment is high, there’s violence nearly every day, every where you go in Wythenshawe you see a gang on kids who choose to skip school and live off Job seekers allowance.

These are the people I am most scared off, you might say “John you’re scared of kids …. hahahahahahah” try having these “kids” launch fireworks at you, try having these kids break into your house, try seeing an innocent man get stabbed by a 13 year old kid over a pack of cigarettes.  These “kids” also stalk Wythenshawe park for ….. well its not pleasant and it’s something that I don’t want to even mention on this blog.

Once when I was a kid, I was walking home from school and I didn’t do anything, this older kid (about 13 or 14) gets off his bus, and attacks me for no reason, I was only about 10 at the time.  It wasn’t a brutal attack by any means, I didn’t even do anything to provoke the attack.

Then when I was in high school I was living in constant fear there were people armed with make shift knifes made out of pens, and my friend was threatened by some retard with a pair of very sharp scissors.  If they can do that in school then imagine what they have access to outside of school, kitchen knifes, fireworks, bricks … all kinds of stuff.

“But John Wythenshawe is being regenerated that means things are looking up”  What a couple of office blocks that are not gonna be used along with a Tram system that isn’t needed. You call that regenerated.  It doesn’t matter what clothes you put on your still the same person. The same applies to Wythenshawe.

I don’t feel safe, that’s the bottom line of it.  I should be able to walk down any street without the fear of someone trying to kill me for my phone or my money.  Even if I let them have my stuff they’ll still kill me.

I mean I could fight back, but then these kid’s turn into crying bitches and claim I assaulted them, when I did not. Who are the police gonna believe, the kid. Not the adult who fights back in self defense.

If I don’t feel safe in the streets, it means the Police are not doing their job.


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