Rant: Downloadable games not up-to-date and First Day patches bad Xbox live market place.

You know having  those tiny day one patches for NEW games on Xbox is fucking irritating, having to wait for a patch to download ruins the game.


However there is something even more troubling.


Image representing Xbox as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase



Sometimes I like to have my games digitally distributed. I like using steam for this as the download speeds are fast, and the prices are pretty good. Oh and THEY ALSO HAVE THE MOST UP-TO-DATE PATCHES.


It seems like Xbox 360 and PS3 downloadable games do not come with the latest patches when you download them. I don’t understand why this is, when I download a game I expect it to have the latest patches downloaded with it.


This is problem is more serious on the PS3.  I purchased Crysis 1 on there, and after I installed it there was a massive 250MB+ patch for it. It meant that after waiting ages to download the games, I had to wait for a patch.  It’s fucking Bullshit. Why can’t MS and Sony seem to do this right?


On Xbox, every fucking game I play apart from Doom 3 BFG has a stupid day one patch. They might only be small patches but why must I update the game ON DAY ONE! Microsoft hasn’t given a reason for this.


Even games I don’t play for a while like Fallout 3 seem to constantly need an update even though Bethesda stopped updating it back in 2010 when I play on them again.




Okay moving on to the Xbox live market place.  You can’t find anything on there. The whole thing is a mess.


Here’s an example. I went on the DOWNLOADABLE GAMES section and saw a game I wanted, I go on it. … IT’S NOT FUCKING DOWNLOADABLE!!! Why are games appearing in this section when they are not downloadable  Isn’t this false advertising? Isn’t false advertising against the law?


So I go to the “New Games” section and there are games on there from 2006.  How can 6 year old games be “new”?


I go to the DLC section and all I see are endless “Rock band trail songs”, why haven’t these got their own area? It means I have to scroll through 10 pages just to get to the DLC I want.


Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t the Rock band DLC have it’s own section before the Metro UI update?


At least Sony have organised their store, so you can find exactly what you want.





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