Starting Web Development Course today.

Today is the start of my two week “Boot camp” which is  a web development course. Web Development is something I’ve always wanted to do but I couldn’t quite get my head around it, however I’ve discovered that when you get right down to it, programming code isn’t all that complicated.  Of course it’s actually remembering the coding that’s hard.  Once I get into it though I’m sure I can create amazing websites.

Things that rock about web-development

This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, not only will this help me in the future when I start looking for work again, it’ll also help me with my own personal projects such as this blog.

One of the best things is that we’re actually using WordPress on our course along with the Adobe creative suite. Which makes me happy.  As I know of WordPress and I know how powerful it is.

Icons of the core CS5.5 applications.
Icons of the core CS5.5 applications. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re not just learning web development, we’re doing other units on our course as well, which is good I just hope that it doesn’t take precedence over the core web development stuff.

Oh well at least for two weeks I won’t have to worry about getting home as where I’m taking the course is closer(ish) to home. Although there will still be traffic on the way there and back.

With any luck after this course I’ll be able to get my own hosted blog, and have a chance at making my blog hit the big time. Although as I said in a previous post I’m not sure if this is worth the investment, as people tend to not read this blog that much, although my stats say otherwise.

Anyway thanks for reading and look out for future content.


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