New Release: Dishonored.

This week is a very good week for gaming, with plenty of new DLC and new releases. There is a lot for me to cover, and as you know I am a fan of my shooters and first person games.  I purchased the game “Dishonored” for Xbox 360. So this is gonna be a sort of preview before I actually get to play the game when I get home tonight.

From looking at the reviews of the game, it seems like a decent title. Although its main focus is Stealth it has a system where should you be spotted you can fight back, much like in the Metal gear Solid games. Which is something that appeals to me, and perhaps the games biggest bragging rights are the fact you get a choice in how you approach each target/mission.

For example, lets say you know the name of your target but you don’t know what they look like, and they are attending this massive party.  So how would you go about eliminating your target?

Would you just shoot and kill everyone in there? In the hopes that your target is one of the casualties?

Would you infiltrate the party and ask people about your target, and then quietly eliminate the target out of the way?

Or would you infiltrate the party, ask around about the target, follow said target and then posses the target and make them walk through a vaporization field, to make it look like an accident?

The game gives you all those choices (and more) when eliminating a target, you can even non-lethal said target should you want to make that choice.

I love games like that let you choose the way you play them.

The way you play also affects the world, via a chaos rating. So in short the more chaos the more plague and corruption spreads through Dunwall. A low chaos rating would reduce the plague and corruption and send Dunwall into a new golden age. It affects characters, and the missions you take part in.

Now you all should know that I am not one for Stealth games, however I love the amount of choice Dishonored gives you and this could make the game a lot more fun.

However the game does two things that can put me off, Steampunk and Stealth. However I’ve learnt that I should give games as chance before dismissing them (Unless it’s a sports game), and Dishonored looks like something that could surprise me.

Now I have not yet played the game, as  I am currently at work, however tonight and weekend I’ll have a chance to play it. I might even make a few videos on it and see what the YouTube community thinks of it.

Are you getting Dishonored? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.



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