New Borderlands 2 DLC: Captain Scarlett and Her pirates Booty Announced.

Borderlands (video game)

As you all may know, the Mechromancer DLC was surprisingly released ahead of it’s planned release date, and it released this week, of course I downloaded it since I get it for free. It also looks like there is no Xbox 30 day exclusive as my brother was also able to download this DLC on his PS3.

Anyway, it appears that it was released early to make room for a surprise DLC called Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s booty.  Which has now been planned to release on October 16th, which is when the Mechromancer DLC was supposed to be released.

At this time details about this new DLC have not yet been released, but we’ve only got 4 more days until we find out about it. I assume it’s going to contain a massive looting area or something, and apparently there is going to be a new loot colour added along with new weapons. I also hope they add an increased level cap, as I still want to build my character past level 50.

I am trying to find out if this DLC is part of the Season pass, so I can get it as soon as it’s release without having to pay any more money.

Update: It is confirmed, the DLC is part of the Season pass.  This was confirmed on the Gearbox forums, however further details remain a mystery. Will update further once I know more.  All information is gathered from the gearbox forums, so I get the news before everyone else does.

(By the way Gearbox …….. YOUR FUCKING LEGENDS!)


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