Self Hosting and Domain, Good or Bad idea?

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In this post, I want to ask you all a very simple but relevant question. You as my audience are the only people who can provide an answer to this question.

Since I started my YouTube channel, I’ve had various websites and blogs that I have created, and I stopped caring about all of them because no one was even looking at them.   I made this WordPress blog as it’s well-known and easy to get a blog up and running, and from looking at my statistics, people are at least looking at my blog posts, although this number is very small its better than nothing. This is why I have not yet given up on this blog like I did with my other websites.

I want you to tell me what I am doing wrong, why is the community not engaging with me, I can’t interact with a community who doesn’t interact. You may think I sound angry or something.  I apologise, this is not the case.  I am wondering why my blog isn’t getting noticed. What can I do to fix that?

Since starting this blog I’ve had the idea of self hosting and getting my own domain for my blog, but th reality of the situation is that I am not willing to invest my money into my WordPress blog, if the community is not going to interact with me.  I’ve had maybe 5 comments since starting this blog back in 2010….. 5 comments in nearly 3 years …. do you see what I am getting at?

I am starting my Web Development training next week, and we are using WordPress to host our blogs on, while learning coding.  I’d love to see my blog become well-known, I want to interact with the community.

So the question is. Do you all think I should get this blog self hosted and get my own domain?


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