Updates: 9th October 2012.

I figured I’d start making these posts in case you missed my videos this week.  Just so you can all stay in the loop basically.

More information about new Job.

If your wondering about my new job that I have gotten with Sharp Futures then watch this video and it explains everything. Due to this new job, it makes creating content for YouTube and this blog very difficult.

Resident Evil 6 – The Mercenaries

This week saw my very first Resident Evil video, and It’s of me failing at Mercenaries mode. Yes I got a C Rank, I am shit at the game.  Get over it! The music in this mode is pretty bad ass though.  Smile 

What phone would you have if you were Stranded?

A question that has never been asked before, and I am actually surprised it hasn’t been asked before.

Updated Google+ Profile

This week also saw me update my Google+ Profile, it now includes more stripped down information, and I have obviously changed the Employment history on there to reflect recent changes to my life.

I also did the same for Facebook, however Facebook is more personal than Google+ or Twitter so I will not be sharing my Facebook profile.



That’s about it for the video updates for this week.  Make sure you check out the YouTube channel, and keep watching for Future content.


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