Black Ops: illage2 Fails at Zombies!

Hey there everyone, just though I’d let you all know that I have a new video uploaded, and you should go and laugh at how I suck at Black Ops Zombies. I’ve been playing it a lot recently and someone asked me to make a video like this a few months ago.

Round 9! WTF!

A lesson I have learnt is to not play Zombies Solo, the other day on Shi No Numa me and the other guys got to wound 17 which is honesty my best game so far.

I don’t know why but other the past few days I’ve been playing Zombies non stop, The only problem with Zombies is that when the host goes down they always end the game, which is annoying and hopefully it’ll be something they fix with Black Ops 2 considering that it’ll be using the Multiplayer engine instead of the Single player engine.

What do you think Black Ops 2 Zombies will be like, leave a comment and let me know.


Thanks for watching and reading and look out for future content.


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