Finally got an apprenticeship.

As you can all tell from the tweet above, I finally got on an apprenticeship with “The Sharp Project”. It is for a web developer, now while my web development skills at the moment are a little rusty, I think that I can remember it all once again.

This apprenticeship will be a fantastic opportunity for me to kick start off a good career.  It seems that 2012, is going to be as good as 2009 was, and believe me 2009 was my favourite year of all time, and it looks like things are finally picking up for me.

So for the next 15 months there is going to be a slow down on the job searching, as my apprenticeship could inevitably lead to a full career. I’ve seen what the sharp project does, and I have to say I am very impressed with it.

At the moment there is no starting date so it at least gives me some time to figure out how I am going to get there every morning, it also gives me a chance to get my affairs in order before I start.

Honestly, I thought I wasn’t gonna get this apprenticeship.  I can’t contain how happy I am.

I will still be making YouTube videos when I get the time, and will also be gaming as much as I can before I start this apprenticeship.

Thanks for reading and look out for future content.


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