Employers too picky?

I made a post about why I couldn’t get a job a while back.  I want to explain why I think employers are getting too picky about the people they hire. It’s a fucking stupid practise that employers have been allowed to get away with for far too long.


GCSE Math and English Required.

One thing I don’t get, lets say for example your doing a job where you have to carry boxes around a warehouse all day, now can someone please tell me what Maths and English has to do with this job?  The only requirement would be that you are physically fit.

But yet these employers seem to think that you need to be the smartest person in the world to move boxes around ….. do you honestly know how stupid that sounds.

There are tons of jobs which “require” an A-C in Maths and English but these subjects have nothing to do with the job in the first place.

I have my 5 A-C’s, but not in Maths and English. They were in Science and IT,  I have a total of 6 GCES’s A-C from those subjects.  I even have a level 2 GCSE from college, and a Level 3 BTEC from College.  (Which by the way is equal to an A-Level) yet….. employers consider me “Stupid” or “Dumb” because I don’t have the Maths and English GCSE grades.

It annoys me because these employers don’t think about any circumstances which may have impacted on my grades.  Back in High School I was put in a Math class where the kids (Not counting myself) were out of control, they didn’t wanna learn anything, and this meant that the teacher spent too much time trying to control the class, than actually teaching the fucking lesson, and as a result my maths grades declined.


Worried about the companies image

Too many employers are too worried about what people think of their company.  How is this more important than giving people jobs when they fucking need it? Unemployment is high, it’s time to let go, and hire people.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that a company may have a reputation to uphold. Employing people and giving them a chance a getting a good career can even boost your reputation.

Also, Employers can turn people down for being fat and/or ugly, even though legally they cannot do this, they try to hide it by not staying a reason as to why they tuned you down. 

Hell they can even turn you down for being disabled or by being from another country…… yet legally they can’t do this but they get away with it.


This is what I want to do to employers sometimes.

Having an Opinion

Apparently, employers can turn you down for simply having an opinion on something …. say for example you don’t like the Monarchy (The queen etc), well according to someone on twitter who replied to me he said that because I didn’t like the Monarchy that means employers don’t want to hire me ……

Can someone please explain to me how this is so? Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t there a law in place to stop employers from doing this? I’m sure there is ….

Being from a bad area (Such as Wythenshawe)

Yeah believe it or not Employers can turn you away from being from a bad area such as Wythenshawe.  I heard a story once that the Army …. yes the Army turned someone down because they were from Wythenshawe. They were even shocked to find out that the guy had no criminal record yet he was from Wythenshawe ……. prejudice anyone?

Yet there’s a law in place to stop employers from doing this yet they get away with it on a daily fucking basis?


So what can be done?

People need to man up and start questioning why they have been turned down from a job.  We need to force the government to force employers to clearly state a reason why a person hasn’t got a job, and it can’t be “You’re not suitable” it has to be something detailed.  Not only will this help people look for jobs in the future, but it will also stop employers from getting away with breaking the law.

I’ve been turned down from several jobs …. it’s not a nice  feeling. You feel worthless, you feel bad about your self, and worst of all you feel like you’ve wasted your time. Amazing isn’t it, I’ve got the education, and the experience to get a job yet employers keep turning me down. Sometimes I feel like a waste of space, I feel now that my time in school and college was a waste.


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