Updates: Changed Navigation bar links.

You may have noticed that the links of the navigation bar have been changed. I did this because I didn’t see the need in keeping the old pages around, and for the time being those pages have been kept private, until I decide what to do with them.

The changes will help you find my social links a lot easier. I have tested them and all of the links works perfectly, it makes my blog looks a lot more professional and integrates with my social networks a lot better.

As for making any new pages, I probably won’t, as at the moment there is no need to make them any more. 

I will also not be changing the theme any more since WordPress wants us to pay for themes that should be free, and they are not cheap. We’re talking about £60+ for a theme. The theme that is being used right now is probably the only decent free theme going.  I may change the theme again in the future if someone makes a decent free theme, but that is very doubtful.

I am also going to start posting my latest videos on here, along with a few paragraphs of my thoughts or some additional information about the video. 

Also I am going to be posting more gaming content rather than my opinions on technology, even though the title of the blog is “My life and Technology”. I am currently trying to change this to reflect the new content that is being posted here.


Thanks for reading, and look out for future content.


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