MW3 Commentary – Episode 2 is up.

A new MW3 Commentary is up, and ready to be watched.  I talk about various things, including the Battlefield 3 server and the new Skyrim DLC which is out tomorrow. So give this video a watch and if you like it make sure to subscribe.

Talking shit once again!

For those that couldn’t understand what I was saying about the Battlefield 3 server, Search for “OFFICIAL ILLAGE2 SERVER” on the Xbox version and you should find it. I offer mixed game modes of TDM and Conquest. However I cannot add other Game modes due to them becoming unbalanced on 500% tickets, and some game types have less players. However I will add more if they are requested enough.

I won’t be adding any DLC maps into the map rotation as not everyone has the DLC, and it wouldn’t be fair on those who don’t.  I am thinking about starting a Second server to host DLC games.

Thanks for watching. Look out for future content.


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