Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Gameplay footage.

I’ve always loved the Metal Gear Solid franchise. The very first MGS game has the honour of being the very first game I ever completed from start to finish. I also own the MGS HD collection on PS3 and Xbox, it just shows how much of an MGS Fanboy I actually am.

However a new Metal Gear Solid has been announced which is the first open world Metal Gear Solid game, and from what I’ve been reading about it. This new game will be coming to Xbox 360, PC and PS3 …. yes you read it right …. a mainline MGS game goes multiplatform for the first time (Not counting the HD collection).

Anyway enough talking, here is the gameplay footage. (Courtesy of CVG)

MGS Ground Zeroes

So let me break down the footage and give my opinions on what I’m seeing.

The Kid


I think the kid is Chico from Peace Walker, It looks like him.  During the trailer the Mystery Zombie man talks about how “She” didn’t suffer. Now if this kid is indeed Chico, then “She” would most likely be Amanda his sister who was also in Peace Walker. One thing I did find odd was that he had his headphones plugged into his chest ….. O_O …. must of hurt.

However some people think that this is Solid Snake, possibly due to his hair colour as in Peace Walker Chico’s hair was Blonde not brown. However this could just simply be an oversight made on Konami’s Part.

Paz Appears

I don’t have any screenshots to show you of this, but during the trailer the soldiers talk about Paz, and that she survived the events of Peace Walker. The soldiers say that she’s being held in Cuba, which is obviously within the reach of Mother Base. This also means that the game might not be set in Africa, but in Cuba.

The Fox Unit


From what I can tell from the gameplay trailer, it looks like the Fox unit is the main enemy in the game.  Although in the trailer the name “Fox” is reversed to “XOF”. Also near the end of the trailer it seems that the unit we see in the video is removing all traces of “XOF” from their choppers and uniforms, and they fly to an unknown destination, I think they are heading to Mother Base.

The Zombie Man


Not much is known about this man. Some people seem to think that this is Volgin from Metal Gear Solid 3. This would imply that he actually survived the events of MGS3, and since he is working with the FOX unit, that would also make Volgin a traitor to the Soviet union. I think this could be the main antagonist of the game.

Big Boss …. Missing something.


Can any MGS fans tell me what’s wrong with this image?  No it’s the fact that he’s older …. not it’s the fact that he has the “FOX” logo on his shoulder …… look really close …. want a clue? Look at his head ….. yeah that’s right no Bandana.

Anyway we all know this is big boss, I don’t have to go into detail about this.  He actually looks like Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 4 in this trailer.

The suit he is wearing looks a lot like the Sneaking suit from Peace Walker.


In all honesty I think it’s best to wait until the game is actually released.  I should warn UK readers that the game will possibly be delayed (As was the case with the HD collection). In fact the UK will be the last country to get this game as usual with a Japanese title.

Anyway thanks for reading.


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