Skyrim: Hearthfire is out Next Tuesday on Xbox.

At first I wasn’t interested in Skyrim. I thought it was one of those crappy Medieval RPG’s that would require me to go through tons of dungeons etc. However I took the chance on it and decided to give it a try and I was impressed after the first 10-15 mins of the game. I have now put a total of 160+ hours into the game.

I also like to say I think I’m pretty lucky as other people who have played as long as I have have been having constant issues with the game such as freezing and lagging etc. I’d like to say I’ve had only 2 crashes since then, and I do get bad frame rate every now and again, apart from that my experience with Skyrim has been pretty decent.

There is even more reason to play it now that “Hearthfire” has been announced. We can build our own home from the ground up, with this comes drafting tables and carpeting tables.  However that isn’t all, you can adopt kids, hire guards, defend your homes from Bandit and skeever attacks, and to top that off you even get your own bard and steward(ess) to give your your own carriage.

Now adopting kids can give you bonuses. However there has been no info regarding what these bonuses actually are, I assume they vary depending on the child.


As for the price …. it’s only 400MSP (£5) which is dirt cheap for DLC.  I’ll be getting this DLC because I like owning my own homes in RPGs.  I also assume that since we can build multiple houses, that we’ll be able to rent  them out to earn money. (Much like in Fable 2)

I have to say it’s nice to see a PC mod being created for the consoles, as on the PC version there are mods which will let you make your own house. So thank you Bethesda for bring some of the good PC mods to consoles.

You can check out the trailer below.

From Bethesda’s YouTube channel.

PS3 version

I am sadden to say that there is no news on whether Hearthfire will be released on PS3 or not. At the moment Bethesda are trying to get Dawnguard to work on the PS3.  I’ll sympathise with all PS3 players, as it’s not fair on you.  In all honesty I think Skyrim should have been a PC and Xbox Exclusive, this would have solved all problems.

Bethesda at the moment are not positive they can release Dawnguard on PS3, however it’s been made clear that Hearthfire was not the reason for Dawnguard being Delayed.

Hopefully Bethesda will release the DLC very soon on PS3.  You never know you might even get the DLC for free due to it being delayed.  I was going to get Skyrim on PS3, but I knew that it would have problems, however I didn’t imagine them on this scale.  So I should applaud my intuition, but still regardless I’ll fight for the PS3 players to get the DLC released.

Thanks for reading.


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