Battlefield 3: Conquest Domination – Donya Fortress.

Today I bring you my latest gameplay footage, and it is of Battlefield 3. Now I did get the game on launch and I also have premium meaning I get early access to the next expansion Armoured Kill. Since I didn’t have a single BF3 video on YouTube yet, I figured I’d upload one.

I was originally planning to make another MW3 commentary, but the servers for all CoD games are down for me and others, and considering that today is a bank holiday, I doubt they’ll be fixed today.

I’m using Flechette rounds in my shotgun.

Yeah I am pretty good with the SPAS-12 Shotgun which you get with the Close Quarters expansion, the same goes with the Map and game mode.

Conquest Domination is basically a smaller version of conquest, but you capture the objectives quicker than normal domination, making it faster paced, but a hell of a lot better than MW3’s domination mode.,

Thanks for reading and watching, and look out for future content.


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