Banned from YouTube: The Aftermath.

As you many of you may already know. I was finally unbanned from YouTube a few days ago, at around 9/10PM (GMT).  I figured it’s time to make a blog post on this and give you all a heads up on my plans from now on.

The Future of Name & Shame.

I am still undecided on where to take my Name & Shame videos. It’s one of my most requested videos on YouTube. I have people asking me on YouTube, Xbox live and in life to make Name & Shame videos, which just speaks how popular the videos have become, but I never wanted to make Name & Shame a regular video, nor did I want it taking over the rest of my tech and gaming content.

After being banned from YouTube by false flaggers, I have removed them from my channel, I also removed them from my channel because the people I have Named & Shamed have either removed their accounts or have been banned themselves, which is why I made Name & Shame videos and because they (The videos)  have achieved their main goal there was no reason for them to remain on the site.

I have pondered what to do with the Name & Shame videos. I have been thinking about uploading them to dailymotion instead of YouTube. Although I cannot say if this will actually be going ahead, or whether I stop making Name& Shame’s altogether.

Another point that I should bring up is that many people have attempted (and failed) to Name & Shame me.


In fact the person in the above picture even made two videos trying to Name & Shame me. I have it in good belief that “Bernard Dooley” was the one who false flagged to get me banned from YouTube.  Well the joke is on him, I have returned to YouTube.  If you want to find those videos just search for “Name & Shame illage2”.

More gaming videos.

I also want to start putting out more gaming videos, as at the moment my videos are not coming in on a regular basis. They are coming in on a “When I can be arsed” basis.  Things should start to change after I come back off my holiday, and with any luck will grow more and more.

I am thinking about making more Skyrim videos, and making videos of new game releases to show everyone what the games are like, to help you decided whether you want to buy them. I will not be making a “Let’s play” of any games,  Let’s play’s take considerable time to upload and on my shit connection they take even longer, and besides the attention span of the average YouTuber is too short for them to watch an entire let’s play. (No offence intended).

I’ll be making videos that are more beneficial and give you a glimpse into my passion for gaming. I will be making “Item/weapon location” videos as that seems to be what people want to see. I base this off the fact that the video below has over 5000 views. This is the most out of any of my gamplay videos.

My most viewed gaming video to date.

I am also (against my better judgement) going to be making more CoD commentary videos. However I am the worst commentator on the planet, and as such the series might not go so well but it will be good to see if people like it, and maybe it’ll help me get in some practise to make future commentaries better.

MW3 Commentary.

Tech videos.

This is a major decision for me to make. The future of my tech videos. As I stated in a Vlog (Which can be seen below) I have lost most of my interest in technology now. Although I still read some tech news here and there, like many other tech YouTubers I’ve switched to gaming because in my opinion has become boring. (Watch the video below for my full opinion on this).

Losing interest in technology.

Thanks for reading this.  I appreciate your support.


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