Why I find it difficult to get a job.

It’s no surprise that here in the UK there are not that many jobs going. It’s a a tough time for everyone.  There is however one thing that has been annoying me, it’s the fact that no employers want to give me a job. In this post I’m going to list the jobs I applied for and what actually happened.  I am not going to list all of them, just the most recent ones.

Willow Park

I’ve been offered an interview with them twice, and I have been turned down twice.  The first time I applied for it was at Parkway Green (Which is owned by Willow Park), I attended the interview, and they still to this day haven’t told me I haven’t got the job, and this was over a year ago.

I recently applied for a similar position at Willow Park which would have been great as the office I would have been working at is literally around the corner from my house. So I went to the interview last week, and 5 days later they tell me I haven’t gotten the job.

Official Reason for not getting the job: Unknown.
Possible Reason: I don’t know enough about housing even though I match the person specification perfectly.

So I won’t be considering Willow Park for Future Jobs. I will ask to be taken off their Talent pool, and will find a job else where.  As I am done with them, it’s their loss really.


Believe it or not I did not get the job at GAME in Stockport. This was the very first job I was given an interview for.  I was shocked and upset that I did not get the job, it appears that nearly 15+ years of gaming experience doesn’t count for anything there.    This all happened way before GAME had their troubles.

In all fairness though I am actually glad I didn’t get the job as I would have likely been sacked due to GAME’s financial troubles.

Official Reason for not getting the job: No reason was given.
Possible Reason: Unknown, I can’t see how I couldn’t have gotten the job at GAME.

Aldi Apprenticeship

I also recently applied for an Aldi apprenticeship, which would have been good if not for having to go all the way to Openshaw, just to take a test at The Manchester College, when they could have easily let me take the test at the Wythenshawe Campus which is nearer.  I decided it was not worth it, as I would have failed the tests anyway, and there was no guarantee that Aldi would take me on.

Reason for not getting the job: Pure inconvenience.

Timpson’s Apprenticeship

Another job in a location that I know well, but their job description didn’t state that anyone over the age of 16 has to pay £10,000 for their apprenticeship. As if I was going to pay THEM to hire me.  It’s not like I had £10,000 lying around. (Who does these days).  I figured that I might as well not bother.

Reason for not getting the job: Asking me for £10,000 to learn on the job is a fucking joke. Not even a university course costs that much.

Numerous online applications

I always apply for jobs that I think suite me online, but guess what I apply, I send them my CV, and guess what happens ….. they flat out ignore my application.  Yeah they do. not even a thank you letter or anything.  I am still waiting to hear back from application I sent in months ago. This is my biggest put off, I don’t want to apply for a job when the fucking employers don’t have the common fucking courtesy to reply to me.

Another thing about online job applications is that the employers leave out important information in the job description like for example they say “Manchester” but don’t give a specific area, sometimes I find out these jobs are not in Manchester, they are in Warrington (and other places) that are not even in Manchester.

A message to potential employers, you want to give people jobs then start putting more information in the fucking job description. It’s not hard.

Jobs I actually got.

BBC Manchester

I was really really shocked when I got my first ever job with the BBC, not only did I feel better about myself, I also really enjoyed working there.  When I went for the job interview they didn’t make me feel nervous, it was more casual and less formal, which helped put me at ease.  In short I didn’t feel like I was being interrogated, and they didn’t ask me anything that had nothing to do with the job.

It’s just a shame that the job wasn’t permanent, it would have been a great career starter. That job could have lead on to other jobs.

Wythenshawe FM

Back in college me and my friends did some volunteer work at our local radio station, and it was one of the best experiences of my life and it also helped me gain new skills, which probably helped me get the job with the BBC.

If there is anything I recommend people do is volunteer work. It will give you something to put on your CV and you’ll gain new skills as a bonus.  The best time to do this sort of work is during summer holidays.


The one most important thing to do is never give up, yes the job market is shit at the moment, but there are hundreds of potential jobs out there, just because you can’t get a job at the moment doesn’t mean you won’t get one in the future.

I’ll keep trying to get a job, there is bound to be at least one employer out there who will give me a job.

The problem with the job market is that employers are far to concerned with their appearance more than actually giving people a job. They are way too stingy about the people whom they hire.  Don’t worry about your GCSE’s, at the end of the day they are just letters and numbers, I value skills over GCSE’s grades.  Employers put too much ….. importance in GCSE grades.


2 thoughts on “Why I find it difficult to get a job.

  1. I feel exactly the same! Places invite you to an interview then don’t even bother to tell you that you haven’t got the job; they just leave you to work it out for yourself. It’s so rude!

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