Fallout 4 – Wishlist.

Before I begin, I love the Fallout Franchise, however I have not played the first two due to them having turned based combat, and I prefer Fallout as a an FPSRPG.  I loved Fallout 3 and I liked New Vegas, but there are tons of improvements and things I want to see in the next Fallout game should one be made.

Uses Skyrim Engine

There is no doubt that Skyrim looks ten times better than both Fallout 3 and New Vegas combined. With the Skyrim Engine there is also a chance to add more intense weather effects to the game such as storms and rain.  As at the moment Fallout 3 displays no weather patterns other than Sunny, and New Vegas only has Rain (Honest Hearts DLC) and Sandstorms.

Armour Customisation

In New Vegas we can mod our weapons to add extra effects such as scopes, extended magazines etc. One thing that I thought was lacking was Armour modding and customisation. I think having this in Fallout 4 would be a fantastic idea, I mean we can do this on Skryim (Via enchanting) so it can be done.  We could add things like Tesla coils for example to Power Armour, also along with this I would like to be able to alter the colour and overall style of Armour and Apparel, this to make it unique to the player.

Set in Manchster (UK) or New York City.

I really want to see Fallout 4 be set in Manchester. Manchester is very interesting place, there are many different cultures in Manchester, and a strong historical background. Not too mention the TV shows shot in Manchester.  Take a look at the picture below, and tell me that Manchester wouldn’t make a great place for a Fallout Game.

New York City would be my second choice. It’s one of the largest cities in the world, and I suppose it would make a great location for a Fallout game.  New York also has a lot of cultural references and historical background to make it a good location.

More Weapons.

As if I need to explain this in detail.  A full Auto Plasma weapon and more Recharger weapons should make an Appearance. They should also keep weapon mods and ammo types from New Vegas. They should add new Recharger Ammo types to increase damage etc on recharger weapons.

They should keep the Anti-Materiel Rifle and it’s explosive rounds in Fallout 4.

Morality Reward/Punishment system.

In Fallout 3, if you were 100% Good or 100% Evil a group would try to ambush you while exploring the Capital Wasteland, these incidents make you think about how you want to play the game. Also being either good or evil will prevent some companions from following you (Most notably Fawkes).

In New Vegas, the morality system meant nothing. It didn’t altar the game, and no one tries to kill you if you are good or evil and you can get any companions regardless of your Karma level.

Having a punishment/reward system for Morality in Fallout 4 would be a fantastic idea.

Expand on the reputation system.

My main concern with the reputation system in New Vegas was that it was mainly used to access safe houses and there was no punishment/reward system for having a bad rep with a group, other than the occasional hit squad ambushing you, but even then they are either Legion or NCR hit squads, there are no other hit squads that come after you. The only other real punishment is being shot on sight.

Instead of just giving us safe houses they could instead give us unique armour or weapons or another unique item. I hardly used the safe houses, I went in there, grabbed all the stuff and left and never went back to them.

There could also be missions where you could help one faction capture or defend a location, this would enforce the fact that two factions are enemies.  This may also aid in expanding one faction’s influence in the wasteland, again adding more gameplay to the reputation system.

Also more war zones where two factions are fighting each other, as for example in New Vegas we know the NCR and Legion are at war with each other but there are only a few locations where they can be seen fighting each other.

No multiplayer

A multiplayer mode would ruin Fallout as the Fallout series has remained a single player game through out it’s life time, however they are working on a separate MMO Fallout called “Fallout Online” Co-Op may be possible, but then again Fallout as a series is something I’d rather enjoy on my own, however adding a similar system from Fable 2 allowing you to interact with other players without having to actually play with them.  Something like this might work in Fallout, as players can trade with each other and see their stats etc.

No Vehicles

I think having a vehicle in Fallout would ruin the overall experience, to me Fallout 3/NV are best explored on foot. Now to counter no Vehicles, a sprint option could be included. This allows players to move faster without missing out too much of the game.  Also worth mentioning is there a fast travel system already exists in Fallout 3/NV.

Another point to make is how are you supposed to fuel the vehicles? It wouldn’t work as the remaining fuel left in the Post-War America is used mainly by NCR and the Enclave.

More Character customisation.

I am not talking about the slats, I am talking about your character’s overall appearance. While in NV and Fallout 3 you can change the hair and face type, but that’s about it. 


That is my wish list for Fallout 4, what do you want to see in Fallout 4? Let me know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Fallout 4 – Wishlist.

  1. hay i like the costume mod but the place to play i say should be texas cause ny doesnt have a very big space but texas i big emough for it i think they should have a new team to go with.

    1. You’re thinking of just the City area of New York right? Fallout 3 wasn’t just set in DC, it also had the surrounding area. New York can be quite big if they also include the areas surrounding the city. Texas though is a pretty good idea though. If there is one thing they need to do with Fallout 4, it’s the make it atmospheric like Fallout 3 was.

  2. Uh they should definitly add co-op and somehow for consoles to download mods. I would love to use mods it would be so GREAT! bcuz when I got skyrim for the xbox and compared it to pc users I was so disapointed so I instantly sold it bcuz I wasn’t having All The Fun.

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