Fallout: New Vegas – Character Creation guide (Part 3)

While there is a good range of perks you can gain by levelling up, some of the more useful perks can only be obtained once you complete challenges throughout the Mojave Wasteland, which is good in my opinion because you get rewarded for playing your way.  In this guide I am going to cover some of the best and easiest challenge perks to acquire.

Damage Perks

Most of these Perks can be obtained by killing a certain amount of enemies of a certain type. So below I am going to cover these perks, and detail how to gain them. Some of these perks have multiple ranks, which means at each rank the damage of the perks is upgraded.

Lord Death

Lord Death is gained by killing everything, and because you like killing everything you’ll get a damage bonus against everything.  One of the easiest and most useful challenge perk, and it also stacks with other damage perks. At the highest rank of this Perk you gain an additional 3% damage to every enemy.  It should be noted that this is one of two universal damage perks. The other damage perk is called “Bloody Mess” which I covered in the previous part of this guide.


Abominable is a very useful perk to have, as it grants a damage bonus against abominations, such as Aliens, Deathclaws, Mr.House , Night Stalkers and so on.  This perk is also useful for playing Dead Money as you can get this perk by killing the Ghost People.  At the highest rank you gain a 10% damage bonus against abominations, which can be a god send when facing DeathClaws.

Animal Control

Animal control is not all that useful unless you plan on killing mutated animals, and considering that Animals in the wasteland (Except the Honest Hearts Geckos) are fairly easy to kill anyway.  Like with the Abominable perk the highest rank grants a 10% damage bonus, and you only need to kill 50 animals for each rank.

Bug Stomper

Again the highest rank of this perk gives a 10% damage bonus to insects (Rad scorpions and Ants etc) However it should be noted that this perk does not affect the Old World Blues Robo-Scorpions. This perk is useful for taking out Cazadores.

Machine Head

Machine head grants a 6% damage bonus at it’s highest rank.  It allows you to do more damage to robots, however it should be noted that even though the game says there are three ranks, the third rank is unobtainable.  This is smallest damage bonus out of all damage perks except the “Lord Death” perk.



There are some more challenge perks in the game I am not going to cover all of them, if you want to see them you can find the full set here.

[ http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout:_New_Vegas_perks ]


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