Fallout: New Vegas – Character Creation guide (Part 2)

Welcome back to my Fallout: New Vegas Character creation guide. In the last part I covered the SPECIAL stats and Traits you can take that will help your adventure across the Mojave get off to a good start. If you want to read this, I will include the link at the very bottom of the page.

Before I begin, this guide assumes you have all DLC installed, if you have the Ultimate Edition of New Vegas then you already have all the DLC. If you do not have all the DLC you can download it from Steam, Xbox Live Marketplace and the PSN store.

About the Perk system in New Vegas.

New Vegas’ Perk system is different from it’s predecessor Fallout 3, in that in New Vegas you get a Perk at every two levels, giving you a total possible of 25 perks, or 15 when if you chose the Logan’s Loophole trait, which i covered in the previous Part of this guide. So choosing the right perks is key to getting the most out of your character.

Here is how you work out the amount of perks.  Level / 2 = Amount of perks.

I am not going to cover all 25 possible perks in the game, I am just going to cover the one’s I recommend that should help you get off too a good start.

In New Vegas there are also “Companion Perks”. These perks only effect you if someone is in your party, and the perk is lost should you tell them to part ways. I will not be covering the companion perks.

There are also some perks that do not require levelling up, instead they require you complete challenges, I will cover some of these challenge perks as some are actually useful.

There are also DLC Perks some of them I cover in this part.

There are also perks gained by implants which I will not be covering in this part.


Swift Learner

Swift Learner can be used from level 2 and onwards and has several ranks which means the effect of this perk stacks each time you take it.  The perk grants a 10% bonus to all experience gained, which can help your character level up, and this perk can be used to offset the negative effects of the “Skilled” trait. (Which I covered in Part 1) This perk also stacks with the “Lessons Learned” perk which I will cover later on in this guide.

However once you reach the Max level of 50, this perk becomes useless, as you cannot gain any more XP. You won’t need to get every rank of this perk either.

Intense Training

Intense training, like the “Swift Learner” perk has different ranks meaning you can take this perk multiple times. It allows you to put a single point into any of the SPECIAL attributes. So if you needed that one extra point after creating a character, now you can get it.

It should be noted that using this perk to raise the Endurance stat is the only method that will allow you to get more implants at the New Vegas Medical Clinic.


This perk adds an extra 2 skill points when you level up. As the game says it is best to take this perk early on in the game to Maximise it’s effectiveness.  It may seem that 2 extra skill points are not worth it, but they actually are.  You can only take this perk once. This perk requires 4 Intelligence, and can be taken at level 4.

Bloody Mess

This perk grants a 5% damage bonus against everything. it also adds more violent death animations.  If you take this perk be careful as this can make the quest “Three Card Bounty” more difficult to complete correctly.  This perk also works well for playing Dead Money as it makes killing Ghost People much easier.


Scrounger allows you to find more ammunition in containers, this can be quite useful especially when your ammo supply gets low, however any containers that were opened prior to taking this perk will not have more ammo in them.  This only requires a Luck of 5, so its well worth taking.

Fortune Finder

Fortune Finder is like Scrounger, but instead it works for bottle caps, and it has the same Luck requirement as Scrounger too. You’ll find ten times more caps in containers and stock piles, than you normally would, which can be a great benefit if your having trouble making or finding money. However it should be noted that this perk does not affect any caps found on dead bodies.



In this part I covered some of the best perks you should take when starting out, these are not all of my recommended perks.

In the next part I’ll be covering challenge perks and how to obtain them.

If you want to see all of the perks, then look at the following link.

[ http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout:_New_Vegas_perks ]

If you want to see Part 1 of this guide click the following link.

[ https://illage3.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/fallout-new-vegas-character-creation-guide-part-1/ ]

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for Part 3.


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