Fallout New Vegas – Character Creation Guide. (Part 1)

I have been watching a lot of Fallout New Vegas Character Creation guides on YouTube, and I figured I’d make my own that includes all the DLC traits, I’ll be giving my recommended traits, skills and SPECIAL stats, and will also be covering some of the other choices you could make.

In Part 2 I’ll be covering the perks I recommend. Considering the sheer ammount of perks in this game I will not be covering them all, just the ones I recommend.



The first SPECIAL stat you should consider increasing is the intelligence a higher INT (for short) stat gives you more skill points to spend when levelling up. Allowing you to add more points to any of the thirteen skills in the game.


Strength is a useful stat for those who like Melee and Unarmed combat, but what many people don’t know is that certain guns, explosive and energy weapons also require a certain  amount punt into Strength to make them more accurate. It also governs how much you can carry, each point put into the Stat adds 10lbs to your total carry weight, and combine this with the “Burden to Bear”(Upon completion of Lonesome Road ) and “Strong Back” perks can add a total of 100lbs, and if you complete Lonsesome Road with a good rep with the NCR you get a Duster which adds another 25lbs to your total carry weight. If your going to be using a lot of heavy equipment in the game this stat is a must.

Other SPECIAL Stats.


Charisma is not all that useful considering it doesn’t really altar that much in the game, and it only governs your speech skill.  You can safely take points off this stat without any issues and apply it to other stats.


This may be a good choice if investing in the “Guns” skill, but that is about the only reason to raise this stat any higher than 5 or 6.  You’ll get a small bonus to your Action Points, but the bonus is barley noticeable unless you have it really high.


Endurance is one of the more useful stats to raise but it should only be raised via the “Intense Training” Perk which can be used at level 4 (and onwards). It governs how many HP you get and your environmental resistances. This stat is more useful on Hardcore mode.


Perception’s usefulness is debatable, on one hand it gives bonuses to lockpick and energy weapons, but on the other hand you can easily assign points to those skills without needing a high Perception.


Luck is probably the least useful stat, but it should not be overlooked. It mainly governs your cirtical hits and enemy mishaps, however if you get this stat about 7 then it also affects your luck in the casinos. I suggest leaving this at 5, and putting points into other stats.

Recommended Traits

Traits are Perks which also have a downside. If you have all the DLC’s installed then you have access to some pretty decent traits. I am going to detail my recommend traits to take, and which ones to avoid. You can choose 2, 1 or no Traits at all.

Note: Old World Blues has a feature where you can reset your traits, but this can only be done once. Also some of the Traits I cover require Old World Blues, and other DLC to be installed. If you have the Ultimate Edition then you already have the DLC’s installed. However if you do not have the Ultimate edition you can purchase the DLC from the Xbox live Marketplace, the PSN store, and for PC on Steam.


This is one of the best Traits you could possibly take if your looking to get off to a good start. It adds 5 points to all of the 13 skills in the game, with the only downside being a 10% reduction on all experience gained upon taking this trait.

However there  is some debate to whether the 10% XP reduction is actually a disadvantage. Some say that it makes the game more fun because you have to put more effort into levelling up and extending the length of the game, while others say that it’s a big disadvantage when they need to level up a skill and they can’t get it quick enough.

Regardless of what you think, this 10% XP hit can be turned around by taking the “Swift Learner” Perk unlocked at Level 2, meaning you can do it instantly. You can also use the well rested bonus to remove it for a short time. You can also use another recommended perk called “Lessons Learned” which grants a 1% XP boost depending on your level so for example at level 25, you get a 25% boost to all XP earned.  However this perk is a late game Perk and is one of the perks you can choose upon completing Lonesome Road.

This trait works well with the “Good Natured” trait which I will cover in more detail below.

Good Natured

Good natured is a really great perk to take, and can be used without any DLC installed. 

It’s main benefit is +5 to Barter, Medicine, Repair,Science, and Speech, however it deals a 10% penalty for all combat skills(-5 points in other words). However, taking the “Skilled” trait which I mentioned above can avoid the penalty altogether hence why the two traits work so well together.

You can keep your skills fairly high and give yourself a good start to your adventure across the Mojave Wasteland.

Trigger Discipline


This trait is useful for those that like to fire more accurately, this trait grants a 20% bonus to accuracy, however you fire 20% more slower, and you lose 20% of AP.  The reduction in fire rate may be an issue for Semi-Auto, Pump action,Shotguns, Pistols and Bolt Action weapons due to their already slow rate of fire. However the accuracy bonus is well worth the penalty, and since you’ll be firing more accurate, VATS becomes less needed.  This trait is also good for conserving ammo. since you’ll be firing less shots at your intended target. For fully Auto weapons you may not notice a huge difference in the fire rate.

By the way before I continue on with the other Traits, you should not combine this Trait with “Fast Shot” as you’ll end up with many disadvantages and no advantages.

Direct from the Fallout Wiki

“It’s advisable not to choose Fast Shot along with Trigger Discipline as the effects work against each other. Fast Shot multiplies attack speed by 1.2 and accuracy by 0.8, while Trigger Discipline multiplies attack speed by 0.8 and accuracy by 1.2. So you end up with a 4% (= 100% – (100% * 0.8 * 1.2)) decrease of both accuracy and attack speed if both traits are taken.”


Other Traits

These traits are not recommended unless you want to experiment with them. The Penalty from these traits is too big to ignore or even cancel out.

Logan’s Loophole

This trait is one of the worst considering it’s Bonus/Penalty. It;s bonus is that you can never get addicted to chems, however this locks the level Cap at 30 which can severely cripple your character especially when playing the DLC quests such as Lonesome Road. 

It should only be taken if your looking to make your game shorter, however you’ll lose 10 possible perks and you’ll also lose a total of 20 levels worth of skill points(assuming you have every DLC installed). While you do no need to be more than level 30 to beat any of the DLC or the main game, it’s recommend to not take this trait unless you want a short game.

If you get addicted to chems you only need to pay about 150 caps for any doctor to fix it.

Fast Shot

Fast shot gives you a 20% increase in fire rate, while your weapons degrade 20% quicker. It also has a sever accuracy penalty that is not mentioned in the game. You’ll be less accurate in VATS and when Aiming down sights, you’ll also burn through more ammo.  This trait is great for a Run-N-Gun style of play where getting more hits on the target is more important than getting accurate shots.

This trait should be avoided at all costs as it’s penalties do not outweigh the benefits. You’ll be repairing your weapons more often, and you’ll run out of ammo quicker. You can control the weapon condition penalty by getting Raul Tejada the Ghoul to follow you, while he is following you weapons degrade 50% slower. However mathematically speaking you’re weapons will still degrade 10% quicker  50% of 20 = 10.  when compared to not taking this trait.


While there are other traits and other things to cover, I don’t want to make a really long post. I have given you a brief overview which should hopefully start your character off.  If you want to know more check out both the video and link below for more information.   In the next Part I will be covering my recommended perks.

Fallout New Vegas Character Creation – Fallout Wiki.

[ http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout:_New_Vegas_character_creation ]

Fallout New Vegas: Character Creation Guide – By Linkthe1st

Thanks for reading, and a big thank you to the community and staff at the Fallout Wiki the information there has been invaluable.

I look forward to seeing you all in Part 2.


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