Gamers are Losers, Phsycopatchs, and Anti-Social Nerds … according to the media.

This post isn’t a rant about the media, it’s a rant about how us gamers are labelled by them, and I want to set the record straight.


Okay so lets go into the why of it. Why do they label us this way? Why?
Simple, you see back when I was in high school anyone who played games too much was automatically a Geek and that was supposed to be an offensive term aimed at putting people down for having a hobby.

To me the media want to portray gamers as bad people, sure there have been a few events in the past that may have been inspired by gaming, but labelling everyone who games the same way is just wrong.

So when I play SR3, that means I like stealing cars and hitting people with Dildos? So when I play BF3 that makes me want to destroy buildings?


Apparently all gamers are considered Psychopaths, sure that Anders Breivik was a gamer, but his massacre was not caused by him playing games, his motives were much different. Do you see me going out killing innocent people because I lost a game on BF3? NO! So stop labelling us as Psychopaths when we are not.


What makes us gamers “Losers”? Is it that we have a hobby? Is it because we choose to spend out time differently? We are not like that, some “gamers” are even famous, some gamers are even rich, so to say we’re losers is plain stupid.

Anti-Social Nerds

By the way when someone is called “Anti-social” it means someone who doesn’t take part in socialising. It’s not to be confused with “Anti-Social Behaviour”.

Apparently gamers cannot socialise hence “Anti-Social”. This is way wrong, some people (like myself) may be Anti-Social for other reasons, such as being bullied in school, family troubles and illness.  I wouldn’t call my self “Anti-Social” if I managed to go out with a girl for a year would you?  When playing online we use microphones to talk to other players, and guess what …, THAT IS SOCUAL INTERACTION!

Not all social interactions have to take place in a bar.  To be honest the media’s idea of socialising, is getting drunk at pubs every Saturday night, that kind of life style is very bad for the body, and your willing to risk it to “Socialise” with people?  Good luck dying before your 50 then.

As for gamers being a Nerds? No, that is more bullshit again. What makes us Nerds? Is it because we’re into a different culture? Is it because we might not like sports? If the media thinks Nerds are “Smart” then the people who work in media must be nerds then.

So if we’re not one of the above then what are we?

That is up to you. I see myself as just a guy who likes technology and gaming. I consider myself a gamer, don’t be put off by being called a “Gamer”. It’s not offensive, it just describes your hobby in a single word.


2 thoughts on “Gamers are Losers, Phsycopatchs, and Anti-Social Nerds … according to the media.

  1. Gamers aren’t any of these things, I agree. Gamers are labelled wrongly and in a way, discriminated against for simply having a hobby.

    Gamers are actually very compassionate people, a few examples of this are:

    – A 6 year-old boy who played Everquest II was dying of cancer, and his mother posted something on the game forums asking for help from one or two people to help build him a ‘virtual wonderland’.
    – Athene (YouTube=AtheneWins) hosted an event called OpSharecraft and raised $1,000,000 for the biggest hunger crisis in about 60 years in Africa.
    – Blizzard auctioned off their previous servers for World of Warcraft and raises $330,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
    – Damien was a Runescape player who had been bullied throughout his life because he had a slight disability. He made a video on YouTube telling people he was closing his YouTube account and hinted towards suicide. The gaming community, from many different games, came together and supported him through the hard time, including famous YouTube gaming celebrities

    There are SO many more examples of this. Anyone who thinks that Gamers are “Losers, Psychopaths and Anti-Social nerds” make me sick.

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