Black Ops 2 – Zombies ideas

I am not a Call of Duty fan by any means, however I think we should give out thoughts on what we want to see in the next zombies mode.  (However at this point Zombies in Black Ops 2 has not been confirmed).

No Pack-a-punch machines

In my opinion PaP machines cause players to hoard all the points, and not open any doors because they want to PaP their guns. Since Zombies is Co-op and team work is important, removing the PaP machines will give players more incentive to work together and share points to open doors. I was killed numerous times by selfish players who only want to PaP.

As an alternative the PaP should be a temporary power up that drops from a Dead Zombie, this power up will affect the whole team. Giving all players a chance to PaP their guns for a short time.

More guns

Do I need to say any more on this? A Tommy gun would be a good thing to have.(Yes the Tommy gun is one of my favorite weapons in the entire world)/

No Gas Zombies

Why are they included? I liked Ascnesion because it did not have any stupid special infected. I understand variety is needed, but we don’t need special infected. The dogs, and monkeys can stay in.

Punishment for selfish players.

In left 4 dead, there is a system which can punish people for being selfish. A good punishment would be taking the players weapon away and banning them from buying any more weapons for a short time. One might argue that this can mess things up for the whole team and it does. 

Reward players for working as a team.

Another incentive to encourage team work. For example you could get an extra magazine worth of ammo for reviving a team mate, or get cheaper weapons for a short time for helping people open doors etc. The possibilities are vast.

Difficulty selection.

This is a good idea I think, people like me who are terrible at Zombies could play on Casual, and on Casual the Zombies do less damage and the weapons are cheaper, but doors cost a lot more to open.

Normal could be where the Zombies do the Normal ammount of damage and the weapons cost the normal price.

Hard could make the Zombies do more damage, more expensive weapons, but on the flip side the doors could cost less to open.



Those are my ideas for Black Ops 2 Zombies mode. What are your ideas? let me know in the comments.


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