Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City – Review

Welcome to my review of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Before I get into this review, the other “professional” reviewers slammed this game, they look way too deep into the game, and are way too professional. The same could be said about this review, and I urge you only to read this if your wondering what I thought of the game. One person may hate, and another person may like the game.


The story is simple, you play as the Umbrella Security Service, who at first is sent into the Umbrella labs to secure the G-Virus from William Birkin, with the aid of HUNK. The mission however ends up causing the outbreak of the T-Virus.

Due to this failure your team is blamed and is sent into Raccoon City to destroy all evidence of Umbrella’s involvement in the outbreak. There are a few decent plot twists here and there and it keeps the story interesting.

Yes for those wondering the Nemesis is in this game.


The graphics on this game look crisp and clear, with no issues what so ever. While they are not the best I’ve seen in a game, they are pretty decent.  The frame rate is consistent, and animations are smooth. Watch my video below to see what the graphics look like,

My own gameplay video.


The controls are also a non issue, they work perfectly fine, any one who plays shooters on a regular basis, will have no problem.


The gameplay is similar to that of Gears of War, but instead of staying in cover every second, you’ll be fighting BOW’s, The US Army, and zombies all at the same time in some cases, this makes for a fun, interesting and challenging experience. Hiding behind cover will do nothing against Zombies and BOW’s. 

You can even use Zombies as a weapon by making US Soldiers bleed, however the same holds for you, when you bleed the Zombies come after you…

Also you can become infected, and you attack your team, however this is let down by the fact you cannot control your self once you become a Zombie, all you can do is watch.

In short the gameplay is solid and fun for those who like shooters. If you’re looking for a survival horror, then you’re better of waiting for Resident Evil 6.

There is a problem with an AI squad and it’s that they’ll always walk into fires, or laser tripped mines, and they always find a way to get themselves killed. It is so annoying.



The voice acting in this game is amazing. Lupo’s and Four Eye’s accents are sexy(Both are women), and Vector’s and HUNKS voices are badass.

The guns also sound fairly decent, but the Assault rifle sounds like an LMG …. strange.


The game is outstanding, and one of the most best games technically as I did not experience a single crash or frame rate issue throughout the game, this is one of the few decent quality games to come out between 2011 and 2012, and it does not need a patch.

My major complaint is that in some areas the game tends to be way too challenging, I was playing on Casual but it actually felt like I was playing on Hard.


+ Good graphics
+ Well made
+ Variety of guns
+ Long missions
+ Great Voice acting.

– Way too challenging even on Casual.
– AI Squad seems to have a death wish.
– Missing other Resident Evil Characters such as Jill (Not just because she’s sexy… )


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