Who got it right & Who got it wrong – Online Game stores (Such as Steam)

The gaming market is changing, no one is denying it.  Digital downloads are leading the way despite the obvious issues surrounding them. In this post, I’ll be giving my opinion on who got this right, based on price, download speeds and re-download limits, and other criteria.

Who got it wrong.


Sony really messed up with the PSN store.  The downloads are extremely slow, not to mention the lack of decent games up for download. While they do have the occasional sale on, the items of sale are usually of poor quality, and they seem to be putting stuff on sale no one wants. Not too mention you have to wait for a few more hours while the game you downloaded installs.

You are also limited to how many times you can re-download a game, which again is dumb. Okay I admit it’s next to impossible to reach the re-download limit, but what if you need to make space on the HDD, and want to re-download the game in the future? This is especially true if you have an 60 or 80GB PS3.

Why it got it wrong

  • Slow downloads
  • High prices on most items
  • Lack of decent games.
  • Have to install/update games after downloading.
  • 5 re-download limit.


Microsoft failed mainly due to it’s high prices, and the fact that indie games have all been pushed back. Also they add sections for games that are not even out yet, confusing people and making us think the game in question has already been released. When you download a game from XBLM you need to update the games before you can actually play them, this shows that MS is not selling the most up to date versions of the games, which for downloadable titles is a disgrace.

Where price is concerned lets say for example Far Cry 2, it was £14.99 on the Xbox live store, I could have gotten the same game pre-owned on disc for half that price from a retailer.

Why it got it wrong

  • Disorganised marketplace content
  • Sections for games that are not even out yet.
  • Have to update games after downloading.
  • Extremely high prices.
  • No decent games to download.
  • Indie games have become hard to find.


Who got it right.


Steam was one of the first digital download platforms. When I first started using it thanks to a recommendation I was amazed at how good it was, and from there on Steam is one of my favourite digital download platforms.  The prices are good, the download speeds are fairly quick, you don’t need to install or update downloaded games and the store is well organised.

Steam has some of the best deals around, for example a bunch of games that should cost you more than £100, costs only £25. An amazing save. Steam has sales on nearly every day of the week, plus it also offers people free weekends where they can play a selected game fully for free for two full days.

You can also pre-load games, which is basically pre-ordering the game, instead what happens is that Steam downloads and installs all the needed files for your game, and then when the game is released you can play it right away without having to download it on release day. Of course Steam won’t let you play the game before the release day, but it’s a nice feature to have.

Why steam got it right.

  • Quick downloads
  • Really good prices (on most games)
  • Well organised store
  • No need to update/install games after downloading.
  • A large selection of free games.
  • No Re-download limit, can re-download your games at any time.

So that was another Who got it Right & Who got it wrong. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all soon. Make sure to leave a comment giving your opinions and make sure you share this post out to twitter etc.


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