The Darkness 2 – Review

Jackie Estcado returns in a fantastic and fun sequel filled with guns and utter carnage.


The story is kind of hard to explain. So I won’t talk about it much in this review. Those who have played the first “The Darkness” will understand the story better. Luckily, for those that haven’t played the first game, you can access a “Previously on The Darkness” which gives some insight into the backstory a little more.

On the whole the story telling is great, and once you get into it, you’ll know what is going on.


The graphics are amazing, it’s kind of a cross between realistic and cartoonish graphical style and it works amazingly.  The animations, and overall artistic style is one of this game’s major strong points.  It might be strange considering the first game wasn’t cartoonish, but none the less it doesn’t take anything from the overall experience.

The lighting and environments are all very well done, darkness is your ally in this game, so it’s good to see some good lighting in this game.

In some areas there is some texture pop-in but you won’t notice these unless you are really looking.

As for the frame rate, it doesn’t actually drop anywhere in the game. Making the experience much smoother.


The controls are really easy to get used to, they are pretty much the same standard shooter controls that we’ve seen for years.

The guns … are the best I’ve seen in any game for years. Once you use them you feel really powerful, especially when duel wielding them. My all time favourite gun is the UZI. The sounds of the guns and the overall sound effects are also some of the best I’ve seen in years. It makes the game a lot more fun and enjoyable.

As with most modern shooters there is an upgrade system, which requires you to get dark essence. Dark essence can be obtained by finding relics and by also doing special kills, and shooting out lights and so on. All of the points can then be applied to upgrades which really enhance your abilities. While this is not a unique concept, it works well in The Darkness 2.


The game is really good and well worth the buy. While it may not be the most innovative shooter, it’s one of the best shooters for sheer fun. However a short campaign and lack of decent multiplayer may put some people off.


+ Excellent graphics
+ Amazing gun play
+ Great Story telling


– Lacking replay value
– Texture Pop-in
– Lack of Decent multiplayer


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