Syndicate (2012) review.

I only remember playing the original 90’s Syndicate games, but not for too long, however I felt since I had played the new Syndicate game I should give this futuristic shooter a review.


You play as Agent Kilo who is an experimental new Cooperate agent working for EuroCorp one of the largest cooperation’s in the world, and you are augmented with a new Dart 6 chip which allows you to hack (or in game terms breech) anything, and you can also slow down time. Your mission is to prevent a hostile take over by infiltrating other companies and assassinating certain employees of said companies. 

The plot is kind of hard to explain, it’s best told by playing the game it’s self, and you’ll learn a lot more.


The graphics are actually some of the best I have seen, the lighting and shadows look amazing.  The “downzone” areas look really good, it reminds me of  scene from Blade Runner.  The game’s “Up Zone” areas also look really crisp and add to the overall appeal of the game.

There are a few instances of texture pop in, but these are rare and in many cases cannot be noticed unless you are looking.

The animations are also very good, enemies react realistically to getting shot, and watching enemies shoot each other thanks to my breeching them is very satisfying.

The weapons also look amazing especially the minigun.


The gameplay is what you expect from a standard shooter, but the addition of breeching and the dart overlay add more variety, although it’s not a new concept, it works in Syndicate.

You can “breech enemies to have their guns backfire, commit suicide or kill his own men and then commit suicide, these are satisfying and fun to use. They open up possibilities for experimentation, and you can find some pretty good breech combos.

You’ll also need to extract “Chips” from other agents or targets allowing you to upgrade your powers or health and this system is quite easy to use, as one upgrade doesn’t require another so you can get any upgrades you want providing you have enough upgrade points.

The game also has 4 play Co-Op, which I have not played as no one I know has the game yet.


This is one of the few modern day shooters that actually has decent music and decent sound effects. 

The guns sound amazing, they sound really powerful and mechanical which is something that I like, the minigun sounds especially good. It makes using the guns a fun an enjoyable experience.

The music in this game is amazing in some areas, for example there is one area in a night club that plays a dance/techno track which in my opinion sounds amazing. (You can listen to this below) It was a track I couldn’t get out of my head, shame that this is so far the only area in the game to play such amazing music.

Best music in the game.


Syndicate is a fantastic futuristic shooter, and it’s definitely a break from Battlefield and Call of Duty. While it doesn’t do anything innovative in terms of shooters it is an enjoyable game, however there are glitches here and there, but none of these are game breaking.

+ Graphics look fantastic
+ Sound effects and music are top notch
+ Breech Powers

– Some glitches
– Lack of competitive multiplayer


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