Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road review.

I have had this DLC for quite some time now, so I figured it was about time I made a review of this DLC and give my opinion on it.


You are summoned to the divide by Ulysses, who wants to fight you. But before you can get to him you have to go through the divide and combat enemies and so on. On your way there you encounter another ED-E, who also provides some back story of his time with the Enclave, you can also find upgrades for him that also effect the main story ED-E.

In my opinion the plot is quite good, however the way it is told is somewhat difficult to understand, ED-E is easiest to understand even though he doesn’t speak human, Ulysses on the other hand speaks in metaphors. Not to say Ulysses wasn’t interesting, I just didn’t understand him too well.

I did enjoy the fight with Ulysses, but be warned he has swarms or marked men attacking you and he also has about 3 bots healing him so be ready.

Weapons & Equipment

There is some very good equipment and weapons, in the DLC you have to use a “Laser Detonator” to detonate nuclear warheads to clear paths, and also earn an achievement if you detonate all 30 warheads, some warheads even hide secrets. I did at some points find this annoying, but it is a good idea to have it in there so I recommend hot keying the laser detonator.

The Red Glare is a fully automatic rocket launcher, which does not use missiles it uses rockets as ammo. It’s pretty decent if you have a high explosives skill, and best of all if you have tons of missiles you can convert them to rockets at crafting benches,

The shoulder mounted machine gun is quite lethal and it looks badass. It uses common 10mm ammo, and can really be a great asset to someone with a high Guns skill. My only problem with the gun, is that it doesn’t sound powerful enough, in fact sounds quite weak considering it’s size.

The Flare gun which is good for scaring off death claws, but it is useless for anything else.

In terms of Clothing there are tons of NCR veteran ranger variations, and you also get a special duster which will change in both appearance and stats wise depending on which faction your fighting for.  So for example if you have a good rep with the NCR you’ll get the NCR version which adds 25lbs to your carry weight.

Another issue is that the mods for new weapons cost way more than 30’000 caps each which can be a bad thing. However this can be offset due to you being able to take any and all equipment with you in the DLC which is a great idea.



The game play is similar to that of Fallout 3’s Operation Anchorage DLC, in that it has a linear structure, while unusual for a Fallout game this structure works, and best of all you can come back to the Divide at any time you want even after the DLC’s story is finished. So if you think you have missed any items, you have the chance to go back and get them.

I am disappointed that this DLC doesn’t allow you to play after the Battle for Hoover dam is finished. You won’t be able to see the outcome of your actions. I’m not sure why they didn’t include this feature.

This DLC raises the level cap by 5 as with all other DLC’s, making the highest possible level 50, if you have all the DLC’s.


This DLC is a fantastic end to the Courier’s side story. There are lots of reasons to come back to the Divide and it is an addictive DLC with some great story telling from ED-E.  I’ll show you my recommendations of what you need to have when you play this DLC.

– Level 30-32
– 100 Stim packs
– Tons of ammo
– Decent Armour
– Anti-materiel Rifle with explosive rounds (GRA version)
– Pulse gun or Paladin Toaster or Sonic emitter (Old world Blues)

Although there are a few technical issues, they are not new to the DLC, with the occasional VATS freezing, and frame rate issues, but none of these are a distraction from the DLC it’s self.

Short Verdict

+ Lots of weapons and equipment
+ Raised Level Cap
+ Ability to leave the divide at any time
+ ED-E’s Upgrades apply to the main story ED-E.
+ Ability to take any and all equipment with you.

– Hard to understand Ulysses side of the story.
– A few technical issues
– Guns don’t sound powerful enough.
– Flash Bangs can reduce most skills to Zero if caught in the blast.
– No option to continue the story past the final battle at Hoover Dam.


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