Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review.

I am a huge MGS fan, and I have competed all of the games aside from Peace walker, and I feel I should give my review on the games.

I’ll be reviewing Peace Walker Separate from MGS3HD and MGS2HD.



The graphics on the game are amazing. Konami and Bluepoint have done a great job at up scaling them to HD, and they look great. Unlike some other HD remakes (Cough resident evil 4) the graphics are not blurry and the game looks more clearer than their PS2 counter parts.

MGS3 looks especially good, but this is no surprise since MGS3 was originally supposed to be a PS3 game.


The smooth frame rate is also consistent and Konami have kept their promise of 60FPS. The Frame rate only drops in areas of heavy combat or heavy rain. However these FPS drops are not game breaking and usually only last 1 second.

Snake’s beard also looks more … out of control, in both MGS3 and MGS2.


The Xbox 360 controls are odd but they are not bad by any means.  Considering that MGS2HD is a remake of Substance, the controls are more easier to get used to, with just a few buttons changed around. I found at first I was shooting without intending to, as on the PS2 versions slowly releasing the fire button would put your weapon down while holding up guards, and this has gotten me spotted quite a few times before I finally figured it out.

The VR missions offer plenty of variety, from bomb disposal, to stopping enemies from reaching a curry, to avoiding being spotted by Genola.

MGS2 and MGS3 are meant to be played multiple times to unlock everything from infinte ammo to a wig which gives you infinite grip.

My all time favourite thing to do on MGS3 is poison guards. I also like the Battle with “The End” it lasts a couple of hours, but veteran MGS3 players like myself will find ways around his boss battle should we be doing a speed run.

Sadly MGS3 does not come with Snake vs Monkey mode, so if you want the Banana Camo your out of luck. However, some special camo such as Flecktarn, DPM etc that were only avialble as a pre-order for the PS2 version are in the MGS3HD remake, and can be unlocked either by selecting “I like MGS3” when starting a new game, or by loading up a completed save game.

MGS3HD also contains two other games, Metal Gear, and Metal Gear 2.

Yes the game also comes with achievements this time around most of which are fairly easy to get.


+ Good graphics for a HD remake
+ Classic MGS action.
+ VR missions offer plenty of variety
+ Multiple ways of playing the games
+ Smooth frame rate.
+ Well optimised for this generation of consoles.
+ Quick Loading times
+ Best Boss battles.

– Snake Tales missions are a tad too challenging for newer players.
– (Xbox 360) Control system a little confusing at first.

Peace Walker HD


The graphics on the HD version of Peace Walker are less blurry and much clearer.  Those who have not played the PSP version obviously won’t see the difference.  The frame rate is also consistent, and this makes the game much easier to play compared to the PSP version.



The game play on the HD version is pretty much the same as the PSP version but with much better controls.  The control scheme makes the game a lot easier and less stressful.

The controls are amazing. They are easy to master and I don’t think you’ll even change them they are that good.

You’ll get a good 100 hours out of this game, as you’ll need to manage your mother base and develop a Metal Gear, and new weapons to use.

The main thing that lets the game down is the sheer amount of loading screens.


Oddly enough considering that this is number 2 on the UK charts, the online VS mode isn’t very active, I am still able to find games but many people end up quitting, also the VS mode doesn’t really have any impact on the single player mode, and there is no XP or unlocking system either.

I’ve not had a chance to play Co-Op as no one I know has the game and is willing to play online, but from what I’ve seen you can do some pretty crazy stuff in co-op such as capturing a tank with a net and airlifting it to a Mother Base.

Technically though the online is pretty solid, I’ve had no disconnections or lag since I started playing it.


+ Smooth and consistent frame rate.
+ Great controls
+ Graphics are outstanding.
+ Great Voice acting

– Too many loading screens.
– Multiplayer is lacking activity
– No XP or unlock system for MP.


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