What I did this week, in terms of gaming.

I figured I should at least blog about something since the rate of new posts is somewhat lacking. I need to get more posted, so I figured I would make a post about what I did/What happened this week in terms of gaming.

Metal Gear Solid HD collection.

(Source: http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/Metal_Gear_Solid:_HD_Collection)

As you all may (or may not) know the EU release of MGS HD collection is only 5/6 days away, and I posted this on twitter. I was initially going to get it for PS3, but considering that I have less access to my PS3, I pre-ordered it on Xbox instead.

I have not shut up about this for a while, and it is one of my most anticipated games that is coming out this year.  I’d love to sneak through the Russian jungle in a cardboard box again, which is something I have not done since the PS2 days.

The collection will have MGS2: Substance which includes all VR missions and all Snake Tales missions, along with the Subsistence version of MGS3 which has camera controls like those on MGS4, and it will also come with a previous PSP exclusive Peace walker with updated graphics and controls. I am unsure if MGS3 will come with it’s multiplayer mode or not, I am 100% sure however that people will be able to play Co-Op on peace walker fully, and PS3 players get the added bonus of transferring their saves over to the PSP version of peace walker. Also if you have the PS3 version you can transfer game saves from MGS2 and MGS3 to the PS Vista versions of the games.

The Metal Gear games that are NOT included in the collection are:

  • Metal Gear Solid (Although the PS3 version of the limited edition contains a download code to get it)
  • Metal Gear Solid : Portable Ops
  • Metal gear: Ac!d 1 & 2.
  • Metal Gear
  • Metal Gear 2
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 (Ultimate edition on PS3 comes with this)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

Games that are included in the collection are:

  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace walker

The Xbox 360 version also includes:

  • Avatar items
    • Metal Gear Ray
    • Shagohod
    • Box Tank
    • Peace Walker

If there was one thing I liked about MGS2 Substance it was the VR missions, they added tons of extra features and added more variety.

MGS HD collection was due out on 25th November last year, but Konami delayed it a week before, however US and JP regions got the game on it’s original release date.

Hopefully I should get something extra to make up for the delay when I get the game, but I have not heard anything about that as of yet.

Hopefully it won’t be delayed again.

Yes I’ll be doing some … tutorial videos on how to get secrets on MGS3 as I know most of them, and I think it’d be fun to do them. Don’t expect any commentary though, I’ll likely end up using movie maker (or Sony Vegas should I get it working) to put annotations on the screen.

Battlefield 3

Also this week I have been playing a lot of Battlefield 3, despite my earlier rants against it (Which can be read here) I am having a lot of fun trying to unlock stuff, and since the highest rank is 100, there is a lot that needs to be done as I am only at rank 40 at the moment.

I have mainly been playing Rush and TDM, but I have also played some conquest this week.  I have my best weapon, which is the M60 (Evil smile). I still have a lot of stuff to unlock for the Recon and Engineer kits, I have maxed out my Assault and Support classes.

Something else I noticed was that some weapons on the game have different names on the PS3 version, such as the G53, which is named “HK53” on the PS3 version.  It was something that I found a little odd.  I also downloaded the SPECACT DLC which has only just been released for download, it gives you access to Dog tags and Multiplayer skins which were previously available as a pre-order bonus.

As I am rank 40, I have unlocked the P90 which in all fairness isn’t that good.  My favorite PDW has to be the PP-19. Which meant I had to play on nothing but “Strike At Karkand” for two whole hours. Strike and Karkand is my best map on the entire game next to operation firestorm.

I am aiming to get the USAS-12 with 12G Frag rounds , but I have to wait until rank 43 (Sad face) before I can use it.

Fable 3

I was playing Fable 3 all day yesterday, I started at 6AM and I didn’t come off it until around 1:30PM… I managed to complete Traitor’s keep, which is accessible after all the main quests are finished. I also managed to make a killing on the property market, amassing nearly 1mill in 10 minutes. Which meant I could still be a a good ruler and keep all promises, while having a full treasury.

Dark Reign: Redux

Dark Reign was a game I had not seen or heard of in about 11 – 12 years. I read some news saying that activation had released it on the Xbox live Market place for 400MSP, which turned out to be true. I played the PC demo years ago and I really liked it, and I couldn’t find the full game anywhere. 

The problem with the game is that the controls are a little clunky at first, over complicated, but manageable.

If you want to download it, you can find it in the “Indie Games” section of the Xbox live market place.



Final words

Thanks for reading this post. I know it’s been boring without my screencasts, and I aim to get more uploaded in the coming year, please share this page with people. Once again thanks for reading.


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