Battlefield 3 … Rant….again! & Updates.

Yes here is another rant about another popular video game.  Battlefield 3 was released last year, and initially it had a lot of issues where it’s online multiplayer was concerned.  I left the game for a few months, by that I mean not even playing it.

I went on it again (finally) today, and there was a 167MB(Xbox live) & 2.07GB(In game) updates for the game, so I figured they had finally fixed the issues with the servers, and quick match functionality.  However …. I was wrong, it seems the servers despite only having 20/24 players, it still says it’s full, which I think is a joke, I even tried the quick match system, and it couldn’t find me a match.

It still seems that BF3’s multiplayer mode is still broken and buggy, and neither EA or DICE have done anything to fix the server list issues. Due to these issues I am strongly considering trading my BF3 in for something else, as at the moment I do not find the game to be any fun.

I am going to say that MW3’s multiplayer is a lot better than BF3’s, owing to the fact I can actually get a match on MW3 within seconds, there is no messing around with servers and all that.

I know that this was a really short post. Considering it is my first post of 2012, I had also hoped for something a little more positive to blog about, but blogging about something is better than blogging about nothing eh?


I really want to make a video blog, but I have come down with a bad chest infection/cold and it makes it hard to create a video if I am coughing up a lung. I don’t like it, and I don’t think people on YouTube want to hear me cough myself to death.  I’ve been trying to manage the coughing with my inhalers, which at the moment seem to be working at supressing the coughing for a short while, but they do not suppress it long enough for me to make any videos, I am talking about the coughing being supressed from seconds to minutes.  I just hope I don’t end up in hospital with a collapsed lung again…. last time that I happened I could have been dead the next morning.

I also have a screencast, but I may need to re-record it as I was trying to avoid coughing while recording the video and you’ll be able to tell, and thus it ruins the video. It is not an impressive video, it’s just a short tip video.

Anyway did you all have a good Xmas and new year? Let me know in comments.


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