Updates – Canning the IRC channel & Live Streams

I spent a good deal of time during my work hours getting my IRC channel up and ready. I announced it on Twitter that I would be chatting on there.

However no one has bothered with the IRC channel, making it one of the biggest wastes of my time. It took hours and hours of preparation, I had to set up the bot, permissions and so on. It was by no means an easy task.  

Due to this inactivity, I am no longer going to update or chat on my IRC channel any more. I see no point in spending more time on something that people don’t use.  I believe that Geekshed will remove any channel that is inactive after a period of time, so hopefully the channel will delete it’s self.

I’ll still be leaving the IRC channel information page up, should I choose to start using the IRC channel again, but I doubt it’ll be any time soon.

Also this seems to be the case for my live streams. I announce when I am streaming on every social network I can think off, and not a single person bothers to watch. I also tried to live stream game play from my console, but it didn’t work out, my computer kept slowing down every time i tried.

I also couldn’t find decent software to do it with, and the whole process became tedious and time consuming. I just whish that I could instantly stream from my Hauppauge, but it didn’t happen sadly. The stream was just black, with nothing on the screen.

Also the live steam kept crashing Google Chrome when i tried to broadcast.  Which is said by many to be the best browser, which it obviously isn’t. Hence why I have switched back to Firefox for the time being.

Again due to inactivity and apparent lack of interest, the live streams are being put on hold for the time being. Whether people just hate me, or whether I am being beat out by the supposed competition remains to be seen,  I am not going to waste any more time on this.

Wait we want to chat with you? How can we do this now?

The only way is over Twitter now.  [ http://www.twitter.com/illage2 ]. This will only be until I can find a way to chat with my YouTube subscribers, that people would actually use.

We came into your IRC once and you ignored us.. why?

I did not ignore anyone. I was probably busy with other things, and I probably should have put me on AFK (Away from Keyboard). In this case I apologise, however you could have always come back on the IRC channel again, but you didn’t. Which is why I am dropping the IRC channel.  However I appreciate you taking your time to at least give it a go, shamefully the same can’t be said for many other people.

I’ve watched your live streams in the past.

Again I’d like to thank you for doing so. I know I am ugly, I know I’m fat, and I know the last thing you want to see streamed is my face, but at least you actually came into the live stream and that is what counts. Sadly though as of recent … no one cares much for my live streams any more. I see no point in starting one if no one bothers watching, it’s just a waste of time.

No one reads your blog are you getting rid of it too?

What do you mean no one reads my blog? Aren’t you reading it right now? Anyway, surprisingly people do actually read this blog, and they also comment as well. Hence why I have spent so much time and posted  content on this blog. It compliments my YouTube videos perfectly, and it has good integration with Twitter and Facebook. Granted the audience could be a little bit bigger, but on the whole as long as someone reads my blog, I’ll keep posting.

Un-surprisingly my post read posts are those that rant about Call of Duty and other popular games.


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