Who got it Right & Who got it wrong: Backwards compatibility.

We all know that this generation has been so far the poorest for backwards compatibility, and I am going to list those who got it right, and those who got it wrong. This mainly deals with last generation compatibility.

Who got it wrong?


While the PS3 will play just about any PS1 game, they removed the PS2 compatibility meaning we couldn’t play out massive PS2 game collections on the PS3. Which also means we have to wait for a “HD” Remake of the games to make their appearance. There was only one PS3 model which was 60GB and it’s very rare to find now.


While they have done a better job than Sony, they still did it wrong as not every original Xbox game will work on the Xbox 360. I’ve even tried the popular game “Timesplitters: future perfect” and it did not work. Until they make every original Xbox game out there compatible, they have done it wrong.

Who got it right?


Yes funnily enough Nintendo has the best backward compatibility I’ve seen. If you have a GameCube controller and a memory card you can play any GameCube game on the Wii. They work just like they did on the GameCube itself.  So for being compatible with 100% of all GameCube games, it did this right. This might be due in part the the hardware and graphics power being almost the exact same as the GameCube’s.


One thought on “Who got it Right & Who got it wrong: Backwards compatibility.

  1. the game was never made backwards compatable because EA games ‘retired’ the game. I talked to microsoft about it, and they sent me over to EA games. The best thing you can do is go to EA games, go to ‘help’, click on ‘talk to a game advisor’. After you do that, you just make up a problem on a drop-down page, (since timesplitters is ‘no longer a game’, they wont let you report a problem about it). After filling out the short page, you have to wait a varying duration (such as 5 minutes), to speak with a representative. Once you get connected, tell them that you want them to work with microsoft to make Timesplitters: Future Perfect backwards compatable.

    I did this exact same thing. If other people do this, there is a good possibility that TSFP will be made backwards compatable. 🙂

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