My tram experience–My opinion.

On there internet a new video has been making it’s way around.  Watch it below, and read on if you want to see my opinion on it. I was going to make a video response to this video, but opted for a blog post instead. (Sorry)

Yeah …

She is basically saying that ethic minorities are the reason why Britain has become a shit country to live in, and then people start shouting at her.   First of, I’d like to say that she has shown courage to say all those things when surrounded by ethic minorities.

Targeting the wrong group of people.

I don’t think immigrants are the cause of Britain becoming shit. I think the problem is closer to home. It’s the dick head chavs that refuse to get off their fat arse and get a job. Now while some actions by ethic groups in the past are questionable, their actions did not ruin the country.

What ruins the country is when chavs and scallies refuse to get a job, and sponge off benefits, and the immigrants are the ones who take the jobs these chavs won’t take. So if anything, immigrants are helping the country.

The woman in the video is right that Britain has changed, but her anger and resentment is focused at the wrong group of people.


With a kid!

She is saying all these things while she has a kid with her, and the poor kid doesn’t know what is going on. She is a horrible mother to expose her child to that situation. There were also other kids on the tram as well. In all fairness I think she would have been killed, attacked or arrested if she didn’t have a kid with her.

Anyway that is my opinion. I can’t be bothered making a video about it at the moment.


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