Mini Review – World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.

I am a huge RTS fan, and so World in Conflict (or WiC for short) was a game that I had to get. It’s a game I feel isn’t as popular as it should be. be. I have been playing the Soviet Assult expansion pack so I am going to review that one instead.  Carry on reading for the review.

Plot overview

The game is set in 1989, the Soviet Union is on the verge of an economic crisis and demands aid from the west.  The Soviet Union used this as a ruse, as while the talks were going on, the Soviet union invaded Europe, starting with Germany. Four months after the Europe invasion, the Soviet Union used freighters to land troops and tanks in Seattle USA. The game then deals with the USA trying to defend their home land and Europe from the Soviets.



Since I have a Laptop I am playing on Low graphics, but in a HD resolution. However I have watched YouTube videos of the game on maxed out settings, and I have to say the graphics are fantastic. The detail is top notch. Even on low settings it looks fairly decent. Explosions are big, and they look amazing.

The user interface is also very well laid out, and its easy to know where everything is.


The gameplay differs from traditional RTS games. The game is controled like an FPS, using the WSAD keys to move the camera around, and the mouse to zoom in and rotate the camera. This works very well, although it can be confusing for die hard RTS fans.  It also throws out the base building, and instead it uses a reenforcement system, where you can drop in tanks, infantry etc.  The best thing about this system is that losing all your units doesn’t mean defeat, when you lose a unit you’ll get all your reenfocement points back, so you can just bring the unit back into the battle.

There is also Tactical Aid which deals with using air strikes, artilary(Misspelt I know) and so on. The ammount of tactical aid you can call down is impressive. You could level an entire city with just your tactical aid, like renforcements these have points too. Yes the tactical aid does include a nuke.

As for the main campaign Soviet Assult allows you to see the russian side of the story, and it also switches between American and Soviet levels. As the campaign progresses.


The sounds are amazing, they tie in well with the graphics. The voice acitng is also very good.


WiC is a very well presented RTS game. The units are realisic, the graphics are fantastic. There is no reason to not get this gane.


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