Android phones – Why do I like them & What I don’t like about them.

A lot of people seem to think I hate Apple when I actually do not. Granted some of what I have said could be counted as “Apple Hate” but most of my opinions are based on price vs convience.  So when I chose the Galaxy S series although expensive, they were also very convient. So keep reading and you’ll find out why I like Android better.

Android OS personalisation

One thing I love doing is personalising my phone with skins and custom themes etc. Sure you can do this on iOS but you need to jail break. Android can have apps that alter the apperance of the OS without needing a jailbreak or without having to root the phone. I use GO Launcher EX. Not only can it change the appearance, but it can also add new animations to the windows and it can also customise the lock screen. Again all of this can be done without a jailbreak.

Anti-Virus apps

You might think that Android has viruses, yeah, but did you also know that iOS can be used to hide Viruses that can affect any machine they are connected to? Having the extra security puts my mind at ease. The problem with iOS is that we have to take Apple’s word on whether an app has a virus or not.

More choice

With Android you get more choices with the type of phone/tablet you want. There are many types, some are optimised for gaming(Such as the Xpreia Play), and some are optmised for video/photo shooting. With this choice, there are also more choices on price range, internernal storage and so on.

Free Android Apps, that are paid on iOS.

I’ve found Apps such as Angry Birds to be free on Android. Where as on iOS you have to pay for them.

Android OS stability

When I use my 4th gen iPod touch, I find the OS to be very slow and crash often. Android OS has not crashed, glitched or slowed down for me at all. 

Gmail integration

I can use my Gmail account to do a lot of things on Android. One such thing, is being able to use my Google Account to unlock my phone should I forget the pattern or password on the lock screen.

Faster App downloads

When I use my iPod touch on Wifi I find the downloads very slow, even with a 100% signal, I could be waiting ages for an app to download on iOS. On my Android Phone I can have an App downloaded in seconds on a 3G connection.

When I go to the Market place website on a desktop PC, any apps I choose to install from there get sent straight to the phone, and they download in the background.

Task Manager

iOS doesn’t have a Task manager which means it’s harder to fully close applications, and save system resources. Android has one bulit in (Depending on the device), so you can manage your battery a lot better, and you can fully close applications that are not being used.

Default Apps

With Android you can set certain things such as weblinks for example to open up in a specific browser. iOS has no such feature like this, unless you jailbreak it.

Possible cross OS apps

Apprently Google and RIM are working on Making some android Apps cross platform, so you can use Android Apps on Black Berry OS, and Black berry Apps on Android. I’d personally love to see this happen.


What I don’t like about Android


App compatibility

I looked at the Sim City game on the Market place, and too my surprise it works on the old Galaxy S1, but doesn’t work on the more powerful and more up to the date GS2? This can limit what Apps you can get.


Yes it seems with Android App purchases, some of them charge VAT and Tax which adds an extra cost to the app it’s self. You don’t need to pay VAT on the iOS app store, so why on Android?

Battery life

Admitedly the battery life on my phone isn’t that great. However my iPod touch can last an entire week without needing a charge. However I do have some great Battery manage applications for my phone which do a good job.


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