Updates – 24/11/2011

So, today is my last day with the BBC. As you all might know after this week I’ll have a lot more free time on my hands, which means I can make more videos and play/complete more games. However during this time I’ll be looking for another job as well. 

My time with the BBC has been amazing. It gave me the work experience that I never had before, and now I have work experience more doors could potentialy open for me. I am hounred to work at the BBC for my first ever job, and if an employer sees that… they could give me a job.

Originally I was supposed to leave on September 2nd, but I asked and my contract was extended until the 25th November, however I have booked leave for the 25th so I am actually finishing today (24th November). 

Edit: I am not leaving today, I am leaving tomorrow instead. Sorry about this error, the rest of the updates are accurate

Hopefully with my next job I can afford to have my own house etc. I’ll have my own space, which means I can finally get out of that bedroom I’ve been living in for the past 10 years.

I want my next job to be more local, bus travel is somewhat shit. It gets packed too much and takes too long to get from A to B, and vice versa. Just to think, today’s bus ride home will be the last one I take from home. Alhtough I highly doubt it will be my last ever bus ride, as sometimes I may need to go PC world.

It will also be the last time I go to Greggs for a sandwhich. (LOL)

Regardless, I’d like to thank everyone on YouTube for their patience and understanding.

I’d also like to thank the North West Tonight and the BBC for giving me the chance that no other employer has. I do hope I can return to the BBC in the future, but as something more than a Team Assistant.


As for my potential plans.

  • More MW3 & Halo Reach match making videos.
  • More tech videos 
  • More tech Vlogs
  • Complete Skyrim 
  • Complete Dead 

I can’t put any plans into motion until Tuseday/Wednesday as on Monday I’m very busy trying to sort things out with the tax office, and getting back on job seekers allowance. I also have to go for a medical on Monday to see if I can get a new bus pass.

I plan on using the Job Centre to help me get a Job. They helped me get this job with the BBC, so I have a good feeling they can help me again. 

Now before you all start saying I am a “Chav” for going on Job Seekers. I am not. Chavs use JSA so they don’t have to get a job. I on the other hand use JSA to help support my self, and my parents while I look for a job, and as soon as I find a job I will come off JSA as I wouldn’t need it.

I have some money left in my bank account, and I am saving that for a … rainy day… and games of course,


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