Updates – 21/11/2011

So here we are again another upate. I am making this just incase you didn’t watch my video on YouTube or if you prefer reading it.

So bascially what is happening, this Friday (25th November) will be my last day of employment with the BBC. This means that I will have to look for another job, however I think it’s best to wait until after Xmas, when I can get myself back on Job seekers allowance. 

What does this mean for your YouTube videos?

During the time it takes for me to look for a job, I can start uploading more and more content to YouTube as I’ll have a lot more free time on my hands. I am thinking about getting some MW3 gameplay up, as well as some Halo Matchmaking. I’ll also try and upload more tech videos to YouTube, but again this is something I am thinking about at the moment.

As I said on the video I had nothing but constant problems with my game play videos but I seem to have sorted them all out now, and hopefully I can get a MW3 game without it lagging.

Name and Shame over Xbox live?

Yeah you heard correctly. I am thinking of expanding my Name & Shame videos to cover Xbox live as well. There are many idiots on Xbox live and exposing them will be a fun thing to do. This will be along side my normal Name & Shame videos.

What job are you looking for?

At the moment anything apart from cooking, cleaning and heavy lifiting. I want a job that is more local to where I live, I don’t want to work in an office again unless it’s for game testing or report writing. However I think it is somewhat foolish to be picky these days considering how the jobs market is at the moment.  I have applied for a job at Apple, but I doubt that will lead to anything.  Hopefully the Job Centre can help me like they did to get me a job with the BBC. I will not get caught in what the media calls “The Benefit trap”.

The only problem is that the only jobs local to where I live require skills I do not have.

I would love to work in PC world or Currys. 

You hate chavs but yet your going on the dole?

Chavs only go on the dole so they can avoid having to get a job. I on the other hand go on the Dole and use the Job Centre to help me find a job. Once I find a job I come off the dole and move on. 

Are you going to get any new tech or any new games?

Not until Feb next year, unless a new game comes out before then. I have got every game I wanted this year, and the only stuff I’ll be getting is DLC. Why Feb you ask? Well that is when MGS HD collection is out in the UK.  

As for new tech, I am not sure. I might save my money up for an iMac or Macbook pro. Not sure yet, as the iMac/Macbook pro are a huge investment. I’ve got to think about what I am getting for my money. If it turns out that the Mac isn’t right for me, I’ll get myself a gaming PC instead.


Thanks for reading this post. Keep looking for future content.


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