Mini Review – Saints Row 3

I’ve been playing Saints Row 3 a lot this weekend. Non stop. So now I have completed it, I am going to be giving a mini review of the game, and what I think of it.


The graphics on Saints Row 3 while not up to par with those seen in GTA 4. They are very good, a big improvement over the previous Saints Row games. The cars, the characters… everything looks amazing, but not over the top which ensures a consistent frame rate, which previous Saints Row games did not acomplish.


The game is a ton of fun. I;ve had multiple large scale battles with both the Police/Army, and the gangs. Unlike previous Saints Row games, completeing missions doesn’t take over a large area, now to control areas you need to complete activities, purchase shops and properties, disrupt gang actitivies and so on.

During some missions you can make choices which affect the outcome, and future missions. There is one misson where you have to choose between escaping with a chemical to add Zombies to your phone to call to help you, or you can destory the chemical and get your own Swat team to aid you.

I should also mention that you cannot customise every vehcile like in SR2, which made me sad, I have however discovered a gltch which allows you to customise non customisible cars/tanks etc.

There are that many possibilties with SR3 that I couldn’t possibly talk about them all in one blog post.

Sound track

The music selection has been improved a lot, but it’s still not that great. There are only 4 songs on there which I actually like and have actually heard off … sadly they had to include dubstep (Angry face). The game is lacking Drum and Bass, Dance music etc. I was hoping that artists such as Drumsound and bassline smith, Linkin Park, Pendulum and so on would be on there. 


The story is pretty good. The Saints are no longer a “Gang” they are a massive media coperation and are seen as celebrities. The story plays out differently, instead of starting at the bottom you can now start at the very top. It shines a new light on the Third Street Saints, while it still retains it’s crazy humor.


The question is does it beat GTA 4, and will it be better than GTA 5? Yes. Saints Row is a lot of fun, and it never gets boring. GTA does.


Thanks for reading.


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