Call of Duty Elite/MW3 – More problems.

I am now having more problems with Call of Duty Elite. Read below.


  • According to Elite I am a founder but I have not got my founder emblems etc. However other people have them. Either I am missing something or Elite(The service it’s self) isn’t working correctly.
  • Elite on the console works fully, but it still quite slow at loading times. I can’t seem to find where to get my founder stuff from.
  • Every MW3 match I went in last night was laggy. It was fine before the update. 
  • Took ages to find a match
  • I still get disconnected from about 75% of all matches, which by the way gets logged as a loss on my player card. Take a look at my player card, it just shows how many of my matches either lag out or disconnect.
  • The hit detection system is still as broken as it was in MW1/MW2.
  • Kill cam system is still as broken as it was in MW1 and MW2.
  • People are able to knife me from  long ranges.
  • When I use grenade launcher attachment it takes me two shots to kill someone but they can kill me in one shot with it. 
  • Lag switchers and cheats are still very common.
  • The website for CoD elite still doesn’t let me register my account. I keep getting a 500 error page.

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