Name & Shame – Rules.

In this post I am going to lay down some ground rules for making Name & Shame videos. That way people can get an idea of when to make a Name & Shame video, and what they should contain, and what you should do after and so on. Following these rules will prevent you from getting into trouble with both YouTube and the Law.

When you should Name & Shame.

Before you make a Name & Shame, make sure you:

  • Take different languages into account Use Google Translate if you need too.

A Name & Shame video, can only be created if the following take place.

  • Someone creates a hate video about YOU
  • Someone usues vlgar and abusive language in a comment aimed at YOU
  • Someone is racist towards YOU
  • Someone sends YOU a death threat.

Creating the Name & Shame video.

Name & Shame videos should contain the following.

  • The offending comment/video response. Use Zoom and Pan or highlight these.
  • The offenders channel, you must take the number of videos and subscribers and other information into account.
  • When you upload the Name & Shame, make sure you include a link to the offenders channel.
  • They can contain swearing and name calling.

Name & Shame videos should not contain.

  • Racism
  • Death threats
  • Copyrighted content
  • You should change your voice when making a Name & Shame.

It doesn’t matter if the hater is racist or not. Racism and Death threats could land you in jail, and using copyrighted content could have your video removed.

When making a Name & Shame they should be:

  • No longer than 7 minutes
  • Made with a screen casting tool such as CamStudio
  • Must be logical about owning the hater.
  • Must be of a decent quality. Good enough so we can see the offending comment.
  • You must be clear with what you are saying.

After the Name & Shame video has been made.

Once you have uploaded the video you must:

  • Block the offender
  • Leave the offending comment as proof.
  • Share it with me over twitter @illage2
  • Move on.

If you feel you made a Name & Shame in Error

If you have made a Name & Shame and believe it is in error then you must:

  • Look back at the offending comment, was it a personal attack or someone disagreeing with you?
  • It it was not a personal attack or hate video then you must apologise. Either by personal message or in video form.
  • Remove the Name & Shame you made in error. 


These rules are designed for people who want to make their own.  They are here to make sure that you own the haters, without getting into trouble your self. 

Thank you for reading.


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