Name & Shame is back!

Yes as you have guessed from the title of this post. Name & Shame is back after a very long time. While controversial, I got a lot of people RT my status I posted on Twitter asking for me to bring it back.


For those who are new I’ll offer an overview of Name & Shame.

Name & Shame is a series of YouTube videos that Name’s and Shames haters. The whole idea behind it, is asking the community to help rid YouTube of haters. The series also serves a comedic and entertainment purpose, as I tend to swear and shout a lot in them which is something I don’t normally do. For the most part the haters remove their accounts. While not stopping them completely, It does help keep the peace on YouTube.

The controversy surrounding the Name & Shame videos, deals with the fact that responding to them is making things worse, and getting the community to fight them for me.  My response to this: I have fun shotuing and swearing at haters, and if that is the case then look at videos by MrLBXv2, and general minus.  As for getting the community to fight them, I remind you all that I “ASK” I don’t say people have to block them etc. I give the community the choice.

Name & Shame is probably my most popular series of videos on YouTube so far.  I make YouTube videos to entertain and educate. I don’t make videos to bore people to death.

So why did you stop making them?

Funnily enough I went nearly two – three years without getting a single hate comment. Also people managed to talk some sense into me, which led to me stopping the videos. However I left the videos up so people could still watch them, and to see how things were back in the day.

How often are you making Name and Shame’s?

I can’t really give a time scale. Hate comments are randomised. To answer the question, it’s basically every time I get a hate comment, that is assume of course I can be bothered making one.

Will you make Name & Shame’s on hate videos about you (illage2)?

Yes I will. A video response is essentially a comment in video form. When I do make Name & Shame’s of this type, I watch the video and point out any spelling mistakes, any logic fails and so on. Usually they remove the video after a while.

How do you know if someone has made a hate video about you?

The commuity are kind enough to let me know either via twitter or YouTube message. it makes me laugh that these people try and hide these videos from me.

You said that back when YouTube had groups, you noticed that all the haters you named and shamed made their own group. Do you have any comments on this?

Even though they made their own group to try and troll me, they never actually did. Nor did the haters seem to communicate with each other.

Do you ever get concered you might be offending other people (not just the hater)

That is something I have considered. If I do offend anyone who is not a hater, and is just watching the video. I will make a public aplogy to them in video form. As for offending the hater, they don’t care if they offend me, so why shoud I care about offending them? If they don’t want to be offended they shouldn’t be offending others.

Why do you take into account the ammount of videos and subscribers they have?

It is the prove a point. You see these haters seem to know how to make “good” videos. If the hater has no videos of thier own it proves them wrong. If they knew anything about making videos, they would be doing it them selves. Sometimes haters do have videos, but the ones that do are basically just re-uploaded versions of other people’s videos.

Why do you tell people to learn to spell?

Because there is a big difference between a typing error, and someone who cannot spell. Haters who usually insult my intelliegnce, cannot spell thus making them a hypocrite. If I am apprently so dumb/stupid etc, then why can I spell correctly and they can’t?

Will you Name & Shame people who disagree with you in a debate such as Mac v PC for example?

No. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. However when they say the word “You” in their comment, they are refering to me, so if they say that “You are stupid” then they are not debating, they are trolling me personally. If they say “I think what you said about the PC being better is stupid” then he is debating, not trolling.

Do you encourage others to make Name & Shame videos?

Yes. I will glady watch anyone’s Name & Shame. I will even add it to the series play list, with the creators permission of course. I have no problem with people making Name & Shame videos, as long as they don’t take it overboard.


By that I mean I don’t want to see people Naming and Shaming people because they don’t like a video by someone. Name and Shame deals with haters and trolls. Not poor quality/bad videos. Unless they are hate videos directed at someone then by all means a name and shame can be made.

If you know the series is controversial, why make them?

Because I understand that I cannot please everyone. I am trying to cater for everyone on my YouTube channel. I understand that people might not like the concept of Name and Shame, and they are respectful enough to leave constructive comments or just not watch the videos.

I noticed there was someone called “Sakotius” who also make Name & Shame’s. Do you know of this?

Yes, I consider Sakotius a friend. We even had the same hater called “Misschorley2008”.  We both made a Name & Shame of this person.

Any messages to haters right now?


First, if you are going to attempt at trolling me then at least do it in English. I cannot be trolled if I cannot unserstand what you are saying. If not then I will have to use Google Translate.

Second, if you are going to make a hate video about me then post it as a video response instead of hiding it. You ovbiously made the video to say how much you hate me, so SEND IT TO ME! 

Thirdly, before you troll, think logically. Spell correctly, and use proper punctuation. 

Last, but not least. Please don’t make multiple accounts to get the last word in because it’s never gonna happen. Don’t use your friends as trolls, as I will own them in equal measure.


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