Call Of Duty Elite – More outages

I got an E-mail from Call of Duty Elite, saying that the Elite service will be going down again while they get additional servers set up.

Elite on the console was working fine for me the other day.  In the E-mail the rumoured free 30 days of Elite has been confirmed. So don’t worry.  I believe I have founder status as well which is pretty good.


To our Call of Duty® ELITE Founders:

This week we launched ELITE and MW3 with the goal of bringing together the Call of Duty community like never before. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer has been off to a smooth start. Call of Duty ELITE however is off to a rocky start. Many of you have tried to get into the new service and have had difficulty.

Simply put, we have not lived up to your – or our – expectations with this launch, and we owe you an apology, and an explanation of how we are fixing this.

The sheer number of MW3 gamers coming online at the same time crushed our registration and login systems. We fixed that specific issue, but have now found that the demand is now also crashing our data servers. We are deploying multiple additional servers, and are also going to temporarily limit access to ELITE services on both the console applications and website while we build additional capacity and scale. We have deployed resources from across the company working 24/7 on this problem, and we look to increase access to greater numbers of users as soon as possible.

If you do not see all your recent matches or career summary, don’t worry – your gameplay data for your entire careers in both Black Ops and MW3 are safely stored, and it will all be available to you once these issues are resolved.

As a Founder, know that granting your status and in-game benefits in MW3 is a priority. We will also be prioritizing your access to ELITE in order to ensure that you are among the first to get fully into the service. Also, to make sure that you are still getting the value you deserve, we are immediately and automatically extending your membership to Call of Duty ELITE by 30 days at no additional cost. 

We hope that you will bear with us as we tackle these initial issues. Our commitment to you as an ELITE Founder is to deliver the best possible service experience, and outstanding value for your premium membership. We are working around the clock and will not rest until ELITE delivers the full set of features we promised you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

– Chacko Sonny, Studio Head, Beachhead Studio
– Jamie Berger, VP Digital, Activision


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