Skyrim: What I think.

I usually don’t buy Fantasy RPG’s as they are not my “thing” Ia ctually prefer RPG’s with Guns. I started reading up about Skyrim, and I thought it was worth a shot, if I didn’t like the game I could take it back and get a full refund. 

However … this was not the case. I actually enjoy playing Skyrim. (Screenshots will be added soon)


(Keep in mind this is based on the Xbox version of the game)


The good

Graphics: The graphics I think are amazing. While it won’t compete with the graphics from Crysis 2 any time soon, the graphics are smooth and the game doesn’t drop in frame rate. I especially like the wintery areas as the snow storms look realistic.

Controls: The controls are the same as those in Fallout New Vegas, with maybe one or two buttons switched around. They are very easy to master, and there is a guide in the options menu if you get stuck.

Voice acting: The voice acting in Skyrim is top notch. We have a mix of Scottish, Irish, German and … err Shwarznegger like accents. Which are quite funny.

Enchantments: I really like this system. Say you see a legendary weapon that does less damage than your other weapons, well with enchant you can take any magical properties from said legendary weapon and apply it to your other weapons, armor and apparel. This is my all time favorite feature on the game.

Smithing: Something that I also like is the ability to improve your weapons and armor. and the game makes this easy. Sadly this wasn’t in Fallout Vegas, unless you count modding weapons as improvements.

Side Quests: There are plenty of Side quests to do, which will easily keep you occuipied for a long time, and these quests are very interesting, and they do have some good rewards as well, but this is all depending on the quest.


The bad

Short Story: The main quests can be finished in about two hours. However if you do the side quests you can easily extend the time up to 50 hours. (Or so they say).

Crash issues: I’ve only ever had one major crash, but it didn’t bother me too much. CAVG (Computer and video games) reported that it Froze twice within 50 hours. While the freezing and crashing is rare, it can still ruin the game. (Such as corrupted save games)



Skyrim is a fantastic Fantasy RPG. It’s beautiful graphics, near endless ammounts of side quests and endless exploration make this game worth while. Admitidly it does have a few bugs here and there, but these could easily be addressed in a patch. If you’ve played Fallout 3 and NV, you’ll love this game.#

I honestly can’t wait to see what the next Fallout game will look like.


While looking up user reviews on Metacritc I noticed people were giving the game zero, all because they didn’t like the UI in the game. I really liked the UI, and I find this a silly reason to give a game a zero rating. Reviews should focus on as much of the game as possible, and you need to put in a lot of hours playing a game before you bash it.


3 thoughts on “Skyrim: What I think.

  1. Although the game may be beautiful and have stunning graphics, I’m not easily swayed by pretty colors. To me, the interface and the controls are what make or break a game. I understand that Bethesda is known for creating fantastic console games and FPSs–I think they should stick to that. Either that, or send some of their PC developers to understudy at a company that knows how to produce a real RPG for the PC platform. I still plan to play this game, but it will probably be with a controller in my hand, not a mouse. I told them so, too. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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