Metal Gear Solid 3 – Tactics and Fun. Part One

In this post I am going to be giving you some tips and tricks for MGS 3 which are fun and will help you avoid detection. (This is the first part)

Detonating Food storage areas/Armories 

Equipment needed: TNTx1 

Detonating the food storage and armories might sound like a daft thing to do on a stealth misson but it helps you in the long run should you get spotted. The soldiers will either be too hungry or desprate for ammo to even be effective against you,

If you destoryed the Food storage, you can throw food to soliders and they’ll eat it. So what you do is you grab posioned food and throw it to them, and watch them die. (You can also use this method on the Fear too)


Cardboard Box trick

Surprisngly a lot of people don’t know how to use the cardboard box trick. You should use it when surrounded by other boxes, and when you get inside … try not to get in the way of a guard, he’ll see right through it.

If you get in the Box and call sigint, you can have a strange and somewhat humors conversation with him.

Fake Death pill

Shockingly people don’t seem to be using this as much as they can. When you are on the Alert, Evasion or Caustion phases you can use it to make guards think you are dead, providing you with a method of escape. You need to use the revival pill before the screen says “Time Paradox”.

Throwing snakes at people.

Easy, throw a Snake at someone for a humors effect, it’s also a movie refrence.

The end of …. The End 

These are two methods where you can avoid the Battle with The End. Since The End is a quick bastard considering he is like 100+ years old, and if you sneak up on him and he catches you, you’ll be blinded by a Flash grenade.

Method 1: Grab the SVD and shoot him while he is in his wheel chair. He’ll blow up, and you’ll be on the Caution Phase. Instead the Ocelot unit will be there, in the location you usually battle The End.

Method 2: Start the battle with The End. Save the game, and then set your system date to 1 week ahead. Reload the game, The End will die of old age.

The End Unloackables

Moss Camo: Perform a Hold up on the End.

Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle: Kill the end non lethally. (Having him die of old age doesn’t count.) I found it was best to use the EZ Gun on him.

Spirt Camo

When you end up in the “Dead River” With the sorrow, keep going until you see the Sorrows corpse floating, and then use the revival pill. With the camo your footsteps don’t make a sound. Combine this with the Stealth Camo, and you’ve got next to 0% chance of being spotted.

That is it for Part one.


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