BF Woes Lag, full servers, connection issues and lag switchers

Since I made a rant about MW3, I figured it was only fair to share the issues I have been having with Battlefield 3. As I feel they need to be known to people. I do actually like BF3 better than MW3, but that doesn’t mean BF3 is any better or worse than MW3. It’s my personal preference.

Lag switchers

As with MW3 there are huge ammounts of Lag switchers on BF3, and there is nothing being done about them. A good example was the other day, the enemy was right infront of me and running towards me, I unloaded a full magazine into him and then the game lags, and he knifes me. This pisses me off, because there are the same people who claim to be good at the game.

General Lag

The lag got so bad once, that I couldn’t respawn. I was stuck on the class selection screen for the entire match. Many games just lag and disconnect. 

Also after installing the HD Content the games seem to lag even more. EA/Dice should compenstae their servers for this.


Full servers

I wanted to play on more local servers, but the EU/UK servers are always full, even though it says 19/24 players, when I go on it says server is full. I even refresh the server list, and it still says 19/24 players. 

The only way around this was to play on the USA servers which to my susprise are never that full. However they are also the most stable servers.  I find this funny as the USA is behind the UK when it comes to network speeds. 

I cannot stand having to choose a server to play on. I prefer matchmaking as it gets you into a game much quicker.  I know that there is a “Quick Match” option but that does not work 100% of the time.

Two Discs

Yes the Xbox version needs two discs, and it’s HD content is not installed by default. It just shows how outdated the DVD Drive on the Xbox is.  


I should mention that BF3 on PS3 will get the DLC 1 week before the Xbox version …. it makes a change.


Due to all of these problems I have not been playing BF3 as much as I should be doing. In my opinion EA seem to be using the PS3 as the “Top” platform for BF3. As some PS3 players (who got the limited edition) also came with BF 1942 for free. (So I’ve heard)

So the question is, which one is better, MW3 or BF3 …. Neither. They are both crap in thier own way.  However I like to play online and since many people play online on MW3, and BF3, I had to get them.


  • Enable a “practise” or “Bot match” mode. This way we can learn how to fly the damned choppers and jets correctly.
  • Nerf the snipers, or disable snipers on certain game modes. This will encourage players to use different weapons, instead of sniper camping all the time.
  • All camo on weapons.
  • Enable More Dog Tag customisation, such as colour, material etc
  • Let us actually fly the jet in the campaign. I loved that part, but I was let down by the fact I couldn’t fly it.

So have you been having any issues with BF3 or MW3? Let me know in the comments.


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