Update – We now have a Google+ Page.

Recently, Google added the ability to create pages, much like those on Facebook for fans and customers etc. Since I already have a Facebook page dedicated to this blog, I figured I would create a Google+ page. (Link below)



If you want you can share your gaming and technology stories and videos, which allows me to get some good content for this blog, and I will credit you of course. I am also sharing my “Typical Xbox Live conversations” on the page as well, which seem to attract a lot of attention. You can even share images and so on.

If I find anything interesting in the techworld or gaming world, I’ll be posting it on the Google+ page as it has a better way of displaying information about a news article.

Keep in mind I have only just created this page so it may take a while for it to really take off.

Anyway I hope you all +1 the page, and I look forward to seeing you all there.


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