MW3 Woes – Lag switchers, Connection issues and CoD Elite.

If you have all seen my last CoD rant about Black Ops, then here is one for MW3.  Unlike the rest of the gaming community, I am part of a small number of people who can actually be objective about Call of Duty, and am willing to point out where it has gone wrong.

Lag switchers

When I first started playing I noticed that when I was near or aiming at an enemy, my game would suddenly start lagging. This lag is not randomised.  I hate it when these players claim to be “pro” yet they have to cheat to win games. Very sad in my opinion.

Unusually High Rank

A lot of people seem to be at rank 40 and above already despite the game only coming yesterday. Fair enough some people may have played from Midnight, but you mean to tell that these people don’t have other things such as work … or maybe looking after their kids to worry about?

If they got the game early they should have been de-ranked back to Rank 1. Sledgehammaer was boasting constantly about how “balanced” and fair the new MP was, but how can something be balanced when you have people at Rank 50 playing against those at Rank 1?  (In terms of Unlocks not skills)

Connection issues

Since this morning I have not been able to get on a single match. Normally my Xbox live connection in my room is fine, I can play other games online just fine. However since I started playing MW3, it has seriously damaged my Xbox’s Wi-Fi and now I can’t even sign into Xbox live without having to turn my router on an off.

Also worth mentioning is that games get cut off a lot …. yeah a lot. I can say about 50% of all games that I have had so far have disconnected. This gets counted (unfairly) as a loss on my combat record.

Freezing issues

As with Black Ops, this game has issues freezing, on the screen where you select which match type to play etc.

CoD Elite not working

I managed to get my code working, and download the application just fine. However when I try to access it, I get an error message and it sends me back to the start screen of the application.  I know why this is happening, but IW/Sledgehammer should have actually anticipated this before releasing it. I mean seriously CoD is a popular title (by the way that doesn’t mean it’s the best game ever).

The good

I am willing to say what is good about MW3.

The Spec Ops survival mode is amazing. You do not get swarmed too early, and it gradually ups the difficulty, but unlike Zombies mode on Black Ops, the increase in difficulty between each wave is minute, and you can also call in Air support and Sentry turrets which Zombies did not have. (Technically Zombies did have Sentry guns, but they were in fixed locations). Also you get to level up separately from MP mode which is awesome.

The campaign was also fairly good but it was typical CoD style.


13 thoughts on “MW3 Woes – Lag switchers, Connection issues and CoD Elite.

  1. you shoot your heart out then they trun around and kill u with 1 or 2 shoots, its bull, why release a game when it doesn’t work

  2. Its interesting you’re having these issues. I haven’t had a single frozen game and only one game out of tons that got disconnected on a host transfer. Xbox live works great. I’ve been really impressed at such a huge launch went so smooth. They’ve acknowledged Elite is down and that’s because they had twice ad many people access it as they anticipated, crashing the servers. It shouldn’t be an issue in the future. The lag switchers should get reported and will get permanent banned, as IW now can watch any reported game and has a whole team devoted to banning for such things.

    My issues are the lag. It seems like I hit people 8 times and instead of them dying, they instakill me with a single shot. Worse than any CoD game yet. I also hate how they lessened the time you have to hold the x button to pick up a gun. I’m constantly picking up weapons instead of reloading. Many weapons seem to take too many shots, get too many hit markers, or are ineffectual. The maps also have too many windows and rooftops to get on, like always in CoD games. Despite all this, the game is actually a blast and very fun – probably best CoD yet. They just never seem to get it all right.

  3. I think the game would have a lot of less “lagging ” issues if they made the servers be host instead of actual people. Just like in halo. In my take more time to find a match, but they didn’t have as many cheater and lag issues. My last problem is elite, I understand they addressed the issue but they should not start our one year subscription until they get the issue fixed. And how can they charge for something (50 bucks) and not be ready. That would be like giving me 50 to come fix your ac unit and then tell you thanks for the money but I won’t be ready to do it on time. I will get there when I get there. Should refund and / or don’t start the one year till the issue gets fixed.

    1. They are supposed to be giving out 1 month of CoD elite for free due to the issues. In all fairness they should have anticipated this, and not actually put the service out until it is ready.

  4. The lag is horrible. It takes luck not skill to kill someone. Half a clip in someone and then they knife you or you’re instakilled??? Come on, the $60 for the game, the $50 scam of the elite (remember when GRAW and Rainbow Six new maps were free), the unfair lag, and people at rank 70 already equals me pulling Battlefield 3 back out. There you can at least get servers somewhat near you. MW3 is BS!!!

  5. am having the same problem w/ the connection issues. it’ll d/c me from xbox live everytime I try to join a game. if you find a solution to this please post!

  6. Nahh the servers just cant handle it. Its only lagging in the evening when everybody gets online. The other part of the day it works just fine butt fix it already

  7. the frame rate is horrible. i shoot a guy seven times and get instakilled or run around a corner to get cover and still get killed only to see the killcam showing guy shooting me before i get to cover but on my screen not a single bullet hit me untill after i took cover.

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