Modern Warfare 3 – Hopes and Fears

I am not Call of Duty Fanboy, so please leave your fanboyism outside before reading this post as I want to be as unbiased as I can possibly be. 

I decided to list my hopes and fears for MW3, before it comes out tomorrow. As from playing BF3, I think there are a few things MW3 needs, and doesn’t need to make it better.


Just for the record I am getting CoD Elite so I can get the free maps etc. So I don’t need to waste £11+ every time a new map comes out. Good thing I got my 250GB Internal Xbox HDD. 


  • That the multiplayer is stable enough to play an entire game without problems.
  • Snipers get nerfed a little
  • The campaign is longer than other Call of Duty’s.
  • That there isn’t a server list, and that it has match making instead. EA did this with BF3 and fucked up big time.
  • Decent Perks
  • Unlocking weapons doesn’t take ages.


  • Little kids singing and screaming down the microphone.
  • America vs UK arguments
  • Racism 
  • Lag switches
  • Glicthes
  • Over used snipers
  • Fanboy guns (Such as the ACR and UMP on MW2 for example)
  • People using Aimbots
  • Sadly quickscoping is back in MW3. (Sad Face)
  • I don’t like one of the classes where you don’t lose the kill streak when you die, this class is going to be massivly overused, and it will ruin the game big time.  (I will be using this class as I suck at using the other killstreaks on MW2 anyway)

I hope there are no dedicated servers, because the server host can alter and change the game rules to THEIR liking, and if they want they can cheat by kicking etc. I prefer a game where everyone has an equal chance.

As I said I am not a fanboy, this is because I like to play online on CoD, but I am willing to ackowlege when a better game is out.

In my opinion MW3, is a copy-paste of MW2, with a little edited on the Multiplayer. For some reaon I am better at the IW CoD’s than the Treyarch CoD’s. 

I am however looking forward to seeing how leveling up the guns works, as I think it is a brilliant idea that they stole from the Battlefield games. Regardless I can’t wait to get that Gold Camo on my guns, and hopefully I won’t have to prestiege to get it.

Also I should mention that if you prestiege on MW2 and Black Ops, you can unlock prestiege points (via COD Elite) which you can use to unlock Pretiege items without actually doing it on MW3.

I also think that the new survival mode looks awesome, and not too diffuclt, but personally I wanted to see a Zombies mode, or even the Alien terroist mode (Which was rumored to be in MW2).

If you are getting MW3 on Xbox live add me BeatJohn and we can play some TDM. I am rubbish at other modes, so TDM or FFA are the onle modes I’ll play.

Also they are using CoD Elite to try and (finally) clamp down on cheaters, so it’s possible that “The Pro” might once again make an apperance. If you see “The Pro” don’t say anything to him, play the game and don’t cheat, even if you are not cheating “The Pro” will still try and ban you for stealing his kills on TDM for example. However my main concern is that we might be seeing people getting banned for no good reason, and hopefully if we do get banned we can appeal it.

Thanks for reading this post. 



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